The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: February 4-8, 2013

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    Steffy and Liam

    Steffy delivers an ultimatum, the full ramifications Liam is clueless to.  (Clueless seems to be his permanent state, so what’s new?) Apparently having two women throwing themselves at you can be a little claustrophobic, and Liam is looking for space.  Steffy is stunned when “space” requires her to move out of the Malibu house.

    Taylor thinks Steffy should tell Liam about her pregnancy, but decides not to.  She doesn’t want to wonder for the rest of her life if Liam only stayed with her because of their baby (like Ridge did Taylor?).

    Meanwhile Brooke urges Liam to choose a future with Hope…

    Bill, Brooke, Taylor and Eric

    Bill warns Brooke to not underestimate Taylor.  Meanwhile Taylor’s relationship with Eric grows, though there are plenty of obstacles to overcome. Are Taylor’s feelings genuine?  Or is Taylor on a power play to get the largest shareholder of Forrester Creations stock in her corner.  (Remember, Stephanie’s loophole meant that Eric got the 25% of Forrester creations stock, that Stephanie had previously promised to Thomas!)

    Taylor lets loose at Brooke – again.  Ten years of playing second fiddle to Brooke Logan is let out…Didn’t anyone tell the shrink it’s not good to stifle your emotions?

    Eric, Thomas and Rick

    Over at Forrester, Eric appoints Thomas as second in charge at Forrester.  Thomas is the new Vice-President of Forrester Creations.  Rick is not amused.

    The Others…

    Thomas tells Hope that she has changed.  So have Thomas’ feelings towards Hope.  (Poor Thomas, he doesn’t get Hope OR Caroline!)

    Bill suddenly comes to the conclusions all his manipulations and scheming may have been in vain.  Has he caused himself and others a lot of pain for nothing?  Is the future still looking bright for Hope and Liam and not so grand for Bill’s preferred pairing, Liam and Steffy?

    Dayzee’s past with Maya causes conflict in her marriage. Speculation here, but was Dayzee a baby broker?  She seemed very relieved when Maya signed those adoption papers in the flashback.  Is the sweet Miss Dayzee not as sweet as she has appeared?

    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Further into the Future…

    The war between Taylor and Brooke escalates as each mother fights for their children.  Taylor and Brooke continue to meddle and push Liam towards choosing their respective daughters.  Will the outcome surprise them both?

    Hope and Steffy continue to wait for Liam to make a decision, but not with trepidation.  Each young woman is confident of the outcome – even if Liam isn’t!

    Rick and Thomas’s adversarial professional life continues. They are unable to agree on anything. It can’t be to Forrester Creations benefit to have the company’s two leaders in total opposition to each other!  Has Eric returned to the helm just to play referee?

    Thomas becomes increasingly unhappy with his work and role in the Forrester family, while Rick vows to get rid of Thomas.

    Taylor supports her son, Thomas, and her power within the Forrester family and Forrester Creations is being cemented by her relationship with Eric.  Though there are a few hoops for them to jump through on the road to romantic happiness…

    Bill (another Forrester Creations shareholder) pledges his allegiance to Brooke.  Katie watches as Bill and Brooke work together.

    Maya continues to pester Dayzee about the location of her adopted daughter.  Dayzee tries to keep the truth from Marcus, but it becomes more difficult when Marcus and Carter realize Dayzee is hiding something.  Eventually Dayzee is forced to admit the truth.  Maya faces tragedy to find love…



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