The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: January 14-18, 2013

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    Steffy learns something that could change the nature of her relationship with Liam forever. Is she pregnant? Those spoilers about a pregnancy on B&B just disappeared late last year…

    Steffy is emotionally distraught when she witnesses a moment of passion between Liam and Hope.  Maybe now she knows how Hope felt all those times…the kiss in the car, the hotel in Italy on her wedding day…

    Taylor learns Steffy’s secret and seriously considers disclosing it without Steffy’s approval.

    Brooke advises Liam to choose between Hope and Steffy once and for all.

    Hope’s life is the subject t of yet another press conference.

    Katie has a plan to end Bills drinking, one he’s unlikely to approve of?

    Brooke dispenses marriage advice to her sister.

    The moment of truth is soon to be upon them. Thomas and Rick make final preparations for the big fashion show which will determine who will be the President of Forrester Creations.

    Following Rick and Thomas’s presentations Eric picks a new president for Forrester Creations.  Though not before offering the job to Thorne, who decides his days of wanting to be President of Forrester Creations are over.

    Pam tries to provide comfort to Eric, after Donna sets her straight about her and Eric’s relationship.

    Dayzee is not pleased when a woman from her past turns up

    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Further Down the Road…

    Do Donn and Pam have competition for Eric’s affections?


    Taylor regains a position of power within the Forrester family.  Could she become the new “Queen” now that Stephanie has passed on?  Taylor’s feelings come out over Stephanie choosing Brooke as her “daughter” at the end over Taylor.  And Taylor’s resentment of the Logan’s gets a reason…

    Marcus’ brother and a woman, Maya, from Dayzee’s time in the shelter arrive back in their lives causing conflict.

    Brooke resists her feellings for her sister’s husband.  Bill accepts he has a problem with alcohol, but will he do anything about it?  Bill fights temptation.  But what is the temptation – a woman? Or the bottle?

    Ridge is rumored to be returning – Could his return be related to Steffy’s short notice trip to Paris?


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