The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: January 21-25, 2013

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    Steffy seriously gives thought to telling Liam about her pregnancy as a means of hanging onto him.  Steffy tells Liam to spend time with Hopw while she’s in Paris -but not to cross the line…

    Taylor interrupts and brings to an end Liam and Hope’s private evening together.

    Brooke listens as Taylor tells her than she won’t allow Hope to intimidate Steffy the way Brooke dominated her (Really?  Except for the recent past when Hope finally found a backbone surely Steffy would have to have been cast as the bully?)

    Taylor also lets Brooke in on the reason that she resents the Logan family.

    Liam admits to being in love with both Hope and Steffy – really what a surprise!  The real question is how can two mothers who claim to love their daughters so much actually advise them to keep going after a life with this indecisive schoolboy.  “I love you” , “No you’re dropped”, “No, wait, I love you again, I mean still…”

    Caroline is drawn to Forrester Creations new President…

    Eric finds comfort in an unexpected place with Donna and Pam compete for his attention.

    Dayzee receives a visitor from her days on the streets.  A woman named Maya.  Dayzee confides in Hope over her and Maya’s shared past but keeps her thoughts to herself with Marcus.

    Brooke warns Bill that his marriage is in trouble.  Katie realizes Bill isn’t being honest and is concerned over the rift in her marriage.  Bill and Katie spend some alone time in a romantic rendevouse Brooke has arranged for them – at the cabin – where Bill just went to vent to Brooke about Katie?  Really?


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