The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: January 28-February 1, 2013

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    Hope Liam and Steffy

    Liam must be a happy man.  Once again, two supposedly intelligent and definitely beautiful women are fighting over him.  Not only has Steffy given Liam permission to see Hope while she is in Paris (but not to cross the line with her), Hope has made it clear that she is going to fight for Liam and the life that they should have had sans everyone’s interference and lies (Rick, Othello, Bill, Steffy).

    Though Hope is determined to fight for Liam his continual vacillations disappoints Hope.  Hope knows what she wants, why doesn’t Liam?  This is shaping up to be a re-hash of one of Hope and Liam’s biggest problems.  Hope sees the world in black and white, whereas Liam sees shades of grey…

    When Steffy returns home from Paris will she tell Liam he’s going to be a daddy?  Or will events conspire to make her change her mind/prevent the news from coming from Steffy’s lips?  Is a baby enough to keep Steffy and Liam together?

    Brooke, Taylor, Eric, Rick and Thomas

    Rather than settle anything at Forrester, Eric’s decision to appoint Rick as President of Forrester and as his protégé seems to have just opened up a wider rift in the divided Forrester family.

    Eric and Thomas argue and Eric is forced to step in to play referee.  Eric also lends an ear to Taylor as she unloads her feelings to him.

    Thomas’s response is to look for a new start (run away?) in Paris.  Maybe Thomas thinks 3 weeks in Paris at International will give him the experience he needs to usurp Ricks from the presidency?  Eric however once again intervenes and convinces the talented young designer that he should stay in Los Angeles, for which Taylor is grateful.

    Bill, Katie and Brooke

    Bill’s conflict over his feelings grows.  Bill undoubtedly loves his wife, Katie, but he’s not so enamored with her stance on his drinking which Katie blames for the distance between them.

    Meanwhile, whenever there is an issue in his marriage, Bill runs off to see Brooke.  So far, Brooke has been a supportive sister in law trying to bring Bill and her sister’s marriage back together.  But she can’t stop thinking about the kiss she and Bill shared when Katie tried to push them together (while suffering from post partum depression).  How long can Brooke resist her attraction to her brother in law?

    The others…

    Dayzee is uncomfortable with Maya’s presence.  Marcus’ brother Carter arrives in Los Angeles and Marcus introduces him to the Spencer, Logan and Forrester clans.

    Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Further into the future…

    The battle for Liam’s affections continues.  Steffy finds she isn’t fighting the same opponent this time however.  Hope has a new bag of tricks – one’s she’s learned from Steffy, Bill and Rick – Has Hope grown up?  Has she lowered her high moral standards perhaps to fight on a level playing field?

    Taylor and Eric continue to grow close…Poor Thorne.  Donna and Pam continue to vie for Eric’s attention and affections but soon realize that there is another woman on the scene.

    Taylor will become a force to be reckoned with…

    Bill and Katie’s marriage continued to show the strain of their issues.  Katie thinks Bill can be a much better man, but does Bill want to be.  Bill gives serious thought to his future as his attraction to Brooke continues.

    Maya’s presence places a strain on Marcus and Dayzee’s relationship.  Can their marriage survive is Dayzee doesn’t confined in Marcus?

    Caroline once again finds herself caught in the middle of a contentious relationship.  This time between Rick and Thomas.  Hopefully, this time, she won’t end up in the hospital!

    Ridge will return to LA to find that has much has changed in his absence…Don’t the Forrester’s, Logan’s and Spencer’s update their Facebook statuses?


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