The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: January 7-11, 2013

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    Dayzee tells Hope about a conversation she and Marcus had.  Hope confronts Bill Spencer over what she learns.  Bill promises to promises to stay out of his son’s personal affairs, yet continues to scheme… Hope isn’t buying what Bill is selling and tells Liam about his father’s involvement in their Italian wedding fiasco.  Liam is stunned.

    [box]What happened at Hope and Liam’s Italian Wedding?[/box]

    Hope begs Liam to take her back (since they broke up over interference from others – again!).  Meanwhile Steffy also wants to know where she stands with Liam.

    Hope plans to use Steffy’s absence to her advantage (she’s overseas on a business trip).

    On the business front, Rick and Thomas continue to view for the prize of leading Forrester Creations.  Brooke and Taylor are each confident their teams will win.

    Eric, of course, has final say over who the future President will be.  Does he realize he is the prize for a lady determined to support him?

    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Further Down the Road…

    Donna and Pam compete for Eric’s affections, but do they have competition?

    Brooke and Taylor are blinded by maternal pride in the competition for the Presidency of Forrester Creations.

    Taylor regains a position of power within the Forrester family.  Could she become the new “Queen” now that Stephanie has passed on?  Taylor’s feelings come out over Stephanie choosing Brooke as her “daughter” at the end over Taylor.

    Marcus’ brother and a woman, Maya, from Dayzee’s time in the shelter arrive back in their lives causing conflict.

    Brooke fights her attraction to Bill out of respect for his marriage to his sister (and their new family I guess!).  Katie wants Bill to be the man she knows he is capable of being.  Bill in turn, is conflicted and fights temptation.  But what is the temptation – a woman? Or the bottle?

    Meanwhile Ridge is rumored to be returning to LA to find life much different to when he left….


    1. It is now time for Steffy to get a dose of her own medicine and Hope wins Liam now & forever because it is very deceitful what she knew about bill, deacon, bill telling her to go to Italy and get in the way of Hope and Liam and not let her step sister know only because she wanted to swoop Liam away from her own step sister. Who does that? So yes it is time for darkness to come to light and let Hope speak up and win. As far Liam he should realize what a dope he was being so wishy washy & realize he was played by Steffy & Bill. He should have been their for Hope as a man & not a whore. Either way Hope and Liam are rightfully the two who should be together and Liam needs to stand up to his father. Before steffy returns back from her trip Hope and Liam should be on their out of town to a undisclosed U.S. location together away from everyone and elope because they have waited long enough. When they come back; let steffy see & feel she was wrong on what she did to her step sister. When Hope and Liam return they should stand strong to Bill & Steffy and tell them to stay out of their lives and business & mean it & show them everytime they see the 2 of them together that they are a lasting couple that deserves a good life together inspite of what Steffy & Bill did to cause them to be apart for a short stressful period. He/she who laughs last laughs the loudest. In this case it is Hope and Liam

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