Hope and Liam’s Surprise Elopement is Wedding Crashed on the Bold and the Beautiful

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    Brooke the wedding Planner

    When Liam asked Steffy to move out of his Malibu house so that he could have the space to  decide whether it was Hope or Steffy who would share the rest of his life, Brooke saw that as Hope’s green light.

    Brooke plans a room service elopment for Liam and Hope. Will they end up married though?

    But Hope didn’t want to pressure Liam into making this very important decision, so Brooke took matters into her own hands, to make a Liam and Hope wedding happen.  And how better than to recreate the magic of Hope and Liam’s wedding overlooking the Adriatic Sea in Italy, with a Malibu wedding overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

    An Italian Priest

    Brooke flew father Fontana in from Italy. Father Fontana is the hunky priest who married Liam and Hope in Italy.  He told Brooke he had a perfect record when it came to marriage and so he too wanted to see Hope and Liam back together.  (I guess that means he’s never married Brooke and Ridge!)

    Some flags

    Brooke also sidelined some Forrester Creations staff to set up flags on the cliff face at the back of Liam’s Malibu home to recreate the magic of the flags flapping in the wind in Italy.  It was this move, using Forrester creations staff that would bring her plan undone.

    A Bride

    The only thing left to do was get the bride and groom to the venue.  Brooke called Hope who had just finished a fashion shoot with Oliver, and asked her to meet Brooke at Liam’s house.  Conveniently, Hope was wearing a beautiful white dress – a sexy white mini dress with a long sheer overlay.  Perfect for an impromptu outdoor wedding…

    And a Groom

    Liam was a little more tricky.  Brooke had Rick ask to meet with Liam and reinforce his welcome to the family message.  Liam told Rick who he married was his decision. A repentant Rick told Liam he was pushing a reunion with Hope because it was Rick’s fault they weren’t together (because of Rick’s lie to Hope), when it is clear he and Hope are meant to be.  Liam left Forrester Creations and headed home, pleasing Brooke to no end.

    Hope and Liam’s surprise elopement

    Hope and Liam realize what Brooke has organized. They are getting married – today!

    Liam arrived home to find Father Fontana in his living room.  Hope arrived too, wearing the stunning white dress.  Even without seeing the scene outside Father Fontana’s presence was a poignant reminder of the happiness Hope and Liam experienced in Italy.

    When Brooke took them outside the penny dropped. Hope and Liam realized they were supposed to marry, here, today.

    Hope didn’t want to pressure Liam, but told him she was done planning and mapping out their life.  She just wanted to live it.  She handed him the ring that Liam had placed on her finger as a symbol of their love.  She had taken it off to prove a point.  She’d been wrong and Hope wanted him to put it back on her hand…

    Liam took the wedding band and swept up in the moment Brooke had created, prepared to do just that….

    Steffy the wedding crasher

    Having been tipped off by Madison, one of the Forrester Creations employees that Brook had assigned to flag erecting duties, Steffy and Taylor raced from Steffy’s obstetricians appointment to Liam’s house.

    They arrived in time to see Liam placing a ring on Hope’s hand.

    Steffy yelled out Liam’s name attracting the attention of the small wedding party.  Steffy told Liam she needed to speak with him privately before they went one.  Hope almost rolled her eyes, telling Steffy there was nothing Seffy could say that would stop what was happening here today.

    Steffy leaned in close to Liam’s ear and whispered two words. “I’m pregnant.”

    Liam was stunned.  And Hope was about to learn how wrong she was. It had taken only two words from Steffy to trump all of Brooke’s elaborate wedding plans.


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