Liam Chooses Steffy on The Bold and the Beautiful

One minute he’s ready to marry Hope, the next Liam learn’s he’s going to be a father. Hope and Steffy both plead their cases to Liam.

After Steffy crashed Hope and Liam’s room service elopement and dropped her baby bombshell on the small wedding party, Steffy and Hope both had the opportunity to talk to Liam, alone.

Both ladies gave impassioned pleas as to why Liam should be with them and sent the other packing.  Unless Liam evicted both Hope and Steffy from his life (unlikely) one of them was going to be elated and the other heartbroken.

Steffy Apologized…

During her time alone with Liam Steffy apologized for telling Liam how and when she did.  She had intended to keep mum about her pregnancy until after he’d made a decision.  But Brooke’s strong arm tactics had forced her hand, Steffy claimed.

All the while, Liam was mesmerized by the sonogram picture of his and Steffy’s baby…

Hope told Liam nothing had changed…

Hope and Liam discuss Steffy’s pregnancy announcement and what it means for them.

Steffy’s pregnancy didn’t change anything Hope claimed.  They still loved each other.  Liam could commit to his child without committing to Steffy, Hope reasoned (which is precisely what Liam did when he thought Amber was carrying his child…)

Hope asked Liam to consider that Stefy hadn’t been as noble in all of this as she’d claimed.  She supposedly didn’t want to influence Liam by telling him about the baby, but when Liam’s decision was not going her way (he was about to recommit to Hope), Steffy pulled out her Golden Ticket and did exactly what she claimed she hadn’t wanted to do.

Liam’s take…

Liam told Hope she wasn’t really being fair to Steffy.  Brooke, by setting up the elopement, hadn’t really left the decision about who he was going to marry and when, up to Liam either.  Hope conceded that was true and that she only went along because it seemed like what Liam wanted.

Hope tells Liam he should make his decision based on what HE wants.  Forget about what is fair, or what Hope or Steffy or their parents want.  Decide based on what Liam wants out of life.  It’s a simple question Hope tells Liam.

Liam thinks that sounds selfish, however.  The older he gets the more he realizes its not about the life you want, but the life you can live with.  Hope is saddened by that.  It sounds so bleak. We can get past this, Hope assures Liam.

Liam Decides…

Liam and Hope kiss goodbye after he pretty much tells her he’s chosing Steffy over Hope because Steffy is pregnant with his child

Liam tells Hope that what he wants is to be the man she sees when she looks at him.  And I know that man would never walk away from a child he conceived in love.  Destroyed at having her own principles work against her, Hope ran out of the Malibu house with Liam in close pursuit.

Outside overlooking the Pacific Ocean Liam told Hope that he spent his entire childhood wondering where his father was.  Liam told Hope that, yes, they should be married and have a long happy life together, but that some things can’t be undone.

In tears, Hope tells Liam she knows Steffy loves him, but no one would ever love him the way she does.  Hope and Liam kiss – Goodbye – and Hope, heartbroken, runs off leaving Liam alone.

Did Liam make the right choice?

The answer to that depends on your perspective.  Team STEAM fans will be delighted.  Hope and Liam fans, not so much.

But all is not lost if you are rooting for a Hope and Liam reunion.  The door has been left open.  Liam may have chosen Steffy, but he made it very clear that it was circumstances prompting that decision.  Would he have chosen the same if Steffy hadn’t been pregnant?  Unlikely.

So what Steffy didn’t want to happen, is exactly what has transpired.  Liam will stay with Steffy because of the baby…for now anyway…



  1. Steffy is leims second choose since she lost bill she had to go after his me she is using the baby to get what she wants andshe will always be the second choose to hope.Liem still loves hope and if it wasn’t for everyone working against them they would be married now.

  2. Steffy is Liams second choose since she lost bill she had to go after his me she is using the baby to get what she wants and she will always be the second choose to hope.Liam still loves hope and if it wasn’t for everyone working against them they would be married now. I hope steffy likes being in a married to a man that is in love with another women and is only with her cause of a baby.Kinda of like her parents who married and her father in love with brooke.

  3. Yep, Steffy is and always Liam’s 2nd choice. You would think after witnessing your parents mistakes, that she would be wiser and not repeat the same mistake, but like a fool she’s going down the same exact path as her crazy mom. Very sad to see….Steffy may have Liam and his baby, BUT she will never have Liam’s heart that’s for sure. Liam’s heart will always belong to Hope….her name is forever engraved in Liam’s heart! And there’s absolutely nothing Steffy can do to erase what’s in Liam’s heart!

  4. Yes this is true weal know that stuffy and Liam won’t last. His heart is with another woman. Stuffy is crazy, why would you want a man that is clearly inlove with another woman really,

  5. yes i agree that liam still loves hope but if u think abwt it clearly he loves steffy jst as much cause even though steffy and liam married through scheming she did not beg him to put the ringer on her finger that night he asked her to marry him he did that by his self, and if ambers child was his baby he would have perfectly and happily stay with hope while at the same time give his baby the love and care he or she needs bt y because its steffy child he leaves hope? because u knw y, its cause deep down he knows that if it wasnt for steffys liying and scheming in the marriage he would have love to stay and spend his lyf with her jst as much as he would have with hope

  6. Liam and Hope should end up together!!!This couple is the reason i’m watching the soap opera …and not only me!!!!Hope they realize it…Liam and Hope for ever!!

  7. Liam and Hope should end up together!This couple is the reason i’m watching the soap opera and not only me….Hope they realize it….Hope and Liam forever!!!!!!!!!!

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