The Bold and the Beautiful: Are Taylor’s Feelings for Eric Genuine?

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    Since learning on the same day that her children Steffy and Thomas were once again underdogs to the Logan children within the Forrester clan, Taylor has been behaving a little erratic (for the normally calm shrink, anyway).  And she’s letting everyone know about it!

    Taylor dumping her troubles on recent widower Eric Forrester resulted in the duo kissing!

    Why is Taylor so upset?

    Taylor has been flitting between mansions and the Forrester offices demanding to be heard about the injustices dealt to her and her children.  By the Logan’s.  Taylor’s first mistake was complaining about the Logan’s to a Logan – Brooke.

    Taylor Demands Respect from Brooke and the Logan Children

    After learning about Thomas being passed over once again at Forrester and Steffy being pregnant, Taylor faced off with Brooke.  She demanded respect for herself and her children.  She wanted Brooke to tell Hope to back away from Liam.  Liam and Steffy have an unbreakable bond, she told Brooke cryptically, of course referring to their unborn child.

    While on the war path, she also demanded respect for her son from Rick who had just been appointed President of Forrester Creations over Thomas.  And for good measure, Taylor suggested Brooke show her sister some respect and stay away from her husband, Bill Spencer.

    Brooke took the verbal assault quite well, considering it was delivered in her home, but told Taylor in no uncertain terms to “get over it”.  Stephanie wanted them to all get on, not waste time on hate.  That was the message Stephanie was trying to send in choosing Brooke to be with Stephanie when she died.

    This just added fuel to Taylor’s fire.  Taylor promised Brooke that she was going to find a way to stop her.

    Taylor unloads on Eric

    Thomas proved to be so upset by his ousting as interim CEO, loss of his shares and loss of the Presidency to Rick that he decided to move to Paris.

    Add to that Taylor seeing Liam and Hope cozying up for a quiet night at the home Liam currently shares with Steffy, while Steffy was in Paris, and Taylor lost it.

    She stormed over to Eric’s large and lonely home where the still grieving widower was finishing up hanging a new photograph portrait of Stephanie.  An emotional Taylor admitted to Eric that she had never felt so alone, even selling her big house because it was so empty.  Phoebe was gone, Steffy was in Paris, and now Thomas was planning to leave Los Angeles for Paris as well.

    Eric admitted to understanding how Taylor felt.  He too, was having trouble with the emptiness and largeness of his home since Stephanie’s death.

    And it’s all your fault Taylor accused the photo of Stephanie who had been her best friend, and proceeded to vent all her frustrations over Stephanie taking Thomas’ shares away and choosing Brooke over Taylor to be at her side when Stephanie died.  The photo of Stephanie fell from the wall mid rant ending Taylor’s tirade.  Seemed Stephanie could indicate her displeasure at being challenged even from the great beyond!

    Eric could have been insulted by Taylor’s anger at Stephanie and her outburst, but he wasn’t.  Eric showed nothing but compassion for Taylor as they had bonded over their lonely lives only minutes earlier.  Eric promised Taylor that as long as he was around She and her children would have a place at Forrester Creations and in the Forrester family.

    Given Taylor’s promise to Brooke to find a way to stop her and her children from ruining Taylor and her children’s lives you have to wonder how much of the scene had been choreographed by the savvy shrink to elicit exactly the response that Eric gave…

    Taylor kisses Eric, Eric kisses Taylor

    Whether it was in appreciation or a calculated move, Taylor kissed Eric.  Eric, who has already been established as a highly sexual man appreciative of a beautiful woman, didn’t exactly mind.

    In fact, the patter repeated over and over.  Taylor whined at Eric about how the Logan’s had everything and she and her children had nothing.  Eric’s slumbering sex drive was reawakened and he returned the favor by kissing Taylor.

    Eric ended up confiding in Taylor that it had been a while since he’d been kissed like that because Stephanie had been uninterested in a sexual relationship with the silver fox. Eric recounted the story of presenting Stephanie with a piece of lingerie he’d designed for the intimate’s line.  Stephanie had shut him down; telling Eric that part of their relationship was over.   The brush off had been so brutal, Eric had never broached the topic of sex with Stephanie again.

    Taylor leaned forward and told Eric he should give her that lingerie.  She would gladly wear it for him.  In fact she may even model some of her own intimate apparel for him, Taylor flirted.

    A reversal of fortune…(could contain spoilers!)

    With her new relationship with the patriarch of the Forrester clan, Taylor finds herself in a position of power.  Her children too have benefited from Taylor expressing her woes to Eric.

    Thomas is not the VP of Forrester Creations.  The fashion show showdown seems to have been a waste of time since Eric is not mentoring his son, Rick and grandson, Thomas, to one day step into his role.

    Steffy, pregnant with Liam’s baby, finally spills the news to Liam – while he and Hope are standing before a priest about to get married!  Predictably, Liam chooses to stay by Steffy’s side.  Liam was raised without a father, so this choice is a logical one to make. It’s not as though Liam doesn’t love Steffy, so this isn’t an Amber Moore re-run.

    Now Brooke isn’t happy…

    Needless to say, Brooke isn’t happy to see Taylor’s new position of power in the Forrester family. Especially since it coincides with “slaps in the face” for her children, Rick and Hope.

    Brooke accuses Taylor of using Eric to cement her and her children’s position in the Forrester family – something they couldn’t achieve on their own.  Is Brooke right?  Taylor and Eric’s “romance” certainly has whirl winded out of nowhere….and if Taylor is using Eric, does she lose her questionable right to look down on Brooke?

    Let us know what you think?

    Are Taylor’s feelings for Eric genuine?  Or is she manipulating Eric?

    If Taylor is manipulating Eric, Does that make her any different from Brooke?

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