The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: February 11-15, 2013

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    Pam, Donna, Eric and Taylor

    A jealous Pam and Donna watch as Taylor and Eric spend more and more time together.  Yet it is Eric who in for a surprise when he drops by Taylor’s place unannounced.  (What happened to Taylor’s relationship with Thorne?  Did we miss their break-up? Or is Thorne the surprise?)

    Steffy, Hope, Liam and Rick

    Hope pleads with her brother Rick to apologize to Liam.  Hope believes that resolving the issues between Rick and Liam will give Liam the impetes he needs to ask Hope to move in with him.

    Meanwhile promises his to make a decision.  Hope and Steffy are both confident that Liam will make a big romantic gesture by using Valentine’s day to chose her.  Why is everyone so convinced this is the final time that Liam will make this decision?

    Steffy is under pressure to reveal the truth about her pregnancy.  But Steffy continues to keep her condition a secret.  Taylor vows that she won’t let history repeat itself.  A Logan will not steal the man who fathered Steffy’s child away from her.

    Carter, Marcus, Dayzee and Maya

    Carter, Marcus’ legal eagle brother warns Dayzee that her past actions may have legal ramifications.  Marcus runs interference between Maya and Dayzee shielding Dayzee from Maya’s continued questioning.  Dayzee is reluctant to deliver some bad news to Maya.

    Bill and Katie

    A disruption interferes with the romantic plans Bill has for himself and his wife, Katie.

    A Bold and Beautiful Valentine’s Day

    The Forrester’s, Logan’s and Spencer’s celebrate Valentine’s day, but the day brings unhappiness for at least one couple…

    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Further into the Future…

    Brooke and Taylor’s relationship becomes increasing adversarial as they each fight to support their daughter’s in the pursuit of Liam.  Will the outcome surprise them both?

    Hope and remain confident in the outcome of Liam’s decision – even if Liam isn’t!

    The love triangle comes to an unexpected end!  Could this spell disaster for Steffy and Liam’s unborn child?  Or since Bill Spencer learns that his manipulations have all been in vain, could it turn out that Hope and Liam really are married?  (Liam choosing Hope doesn’t seem very unextected…)

    Rick and Thomas continue to butt head professionally. They are unable to agree on anything. It can’t be to Forrester Creations benefit to have the company’s two leaders in total opposition to each other!  Has Eric returned to the helm just to play referee?

    Thomas becomes increasingly unhappy with his work and role in the Forrester family, while Rick vows to get rid of Thomas.

    Taylor supports her son, Thomas, and her power within the Forrester family and Forrester Creations is being cemented by her relationship with Eric.  Though there are a few hoops for them to jump through on the road to romantic happiness…

    Bill (another Forrester Creations shareholder) pledges his support to Brooke.  Bill’s support has to be about Forrester Creations because they certainly aren’t on the same page about the Hope or Steffy choice that Liam is perpetually making. Katie watches with mixed emotions as Bill and Brooke work together. Did her plan to push the two together while suffering from post partum depression work too well?

    Maya continues to pester Dayzee about the location of her adopted daughter.  Dayzee tries to keep the truth from Marcus, but it becomes more difficult when Marcus and Carter realize Dayzee is hiding something.  Eventually Dayzee is forced to admit the truth.  Maya faces tragedy to find love…



    1. Lets say the truth Liam loves hope and hope loves him and that love should keep togeather with no interference they know love will keep them togeather…and now stuffy had a lot of interference with hope and Liam , now the now she getting back….how does that feel? Hopefully this couple hope and lam make it through togeather the way it should of……..

    2. M’y way of seeing things is diferent im on brooke side and Taylor but a child xan not hold a man and sex niether im sorry and dont forget it has not a thing to do with love a man cant love 2women liam loves one and lusting at the other Hope and liam are man and wife even though in the eyes of the law an in thier hearts

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