The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: February 25-March 1, 2013

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    Liam, Hope, Steffy and Baby

    After Steffy stops his impromptu wedding to Hope and tells Liam about their baby, Liam makes his choice.

    He choses….


    Being the chosen one puts Steffy right in the mood to discuss how they should raise their baby.  Steffy has some alternative ideas.

    Hope finds comfort from Oliver who she has described as one of her best friends ever.  Oliver has been keeping a secret though – he’s never quite gotten over Hope!

    Bill, Brooke, Taylor and Eric

    News of Steffy’s pregnancy spreads.  Predictably, Bill Spencer is delighted, while the expended Logan family is concerned for Hope.

    Unsurprisingly Bill is generous to the mother of his first grandchild.  He offers Steffy unconditional support and many, many baby gifts…does no one in soap land wait for the first trimester to be over before going nuts with the baby stuff?

    Taylor and Bill find common ground over their shared first grandchild.  Bill tries to help Brooke accept Liam’s decision to stay with the mother of his child.  A man needs to take responsibility for his family. Does this mean Brooke will stop fantasizing about Stallion Bill?

    Brooke turns her focus on Taylor gaining strength within the Forrester family. Bill suggests Brooke look for a promotion – co-CEO sounds good.   Brooke accuses Taylor of getting involved with Eric only to further her and her children’s goals.  Taylor tells Brooke she doesn’t care what Brooke or anyone else thinks.  She and silver fox Eric are together now.  Eric too is happy to be moving on after the loss of Stephanie.

    Eric gives Taylor a gift – some lingerie, as Taylor requested…Does Brooke walk in on Eric and Taylor while Taylor is modelling the intimate apparel?

    Caroline, Rick and Maya

    Rick and Maya begin spending more time together which gives Caroline reason to be concerned.  Rick’s charity work takes a new direction, presumably away from Caroline’s cancer foundation and towards a cause close to Maya’s heart.  What will it be?  Adoptions, false imprisonment, the tragic loss of a child?  OK.  Since Rick and Maya met while Rick was doing his corporate duty to the less fortunate at Dayzees, Rick will probably ve spending more time there wearing the tie-died t-shirt.

    The Others…

    Thomas gets a clue and works out what is going on between his mother and grandfather…as if that family tree wasn’t twisted enough!

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    1. In the future I’m hoping to see good education for all parents. Instead of teaching their children how to change their husband all the times teach them how to keep their family together in a good way. Bold and Beautiful should promote good parenting to all parents. What I saw in this show there are no good education for veiwers.

      • For one it’s Entertainment it’s up to you to teach and gide your childern in the right directions so when they do grow up and be and adult they will all ready know what type of husband there looking for and then they want have to be Miss lead by what they watch on television thats why it’ s called soaps

      • Ah, seriously? Is this the first soap opera u have ever seen? Did u just land here from Mars? Were u trying to find Sesame Street and accidently watched Bold and the Beautiful?

    2. y is hope d scapegoat in this soap…enough…find new scripts and stop leading viewers 2 believe hope and liam are finally reuniting…never liked steffy …nuttin personal..send barbie back 2 bill dey make a great pair….please please…next baby goes bye bye and liam and hope finally live happily ever after and steffy gets a life….send thomas ..steffy and jackass taylor 2 meet ridge lmao just saying……or finally end d soap…..give hope a break pleaseeeeee

      • I agree steffy makes me sick try to be so slick but remember that’s how weak a man is once you convince them enough with the pitiful face, steffy new lliam wants hope that’s why she got pregnant he aint the first man she slept with she didn’t get pregnant by bill rick any of the men even lliam all, this time she did like taylor hoping it will keep that man and its not in the long run for steffy watch!!!

    3. Enough of the Liam/Steffy/Hope triangle. Hope is a Brat these days and I am loving Steffy now. She is too good for Liam. If we HAVE to have stupid Liam in the picture…then let him have backbone and brains and pick Steffy! And PLEASE enough with the stupid faces he makes!!!
      I’d love it if Steffy found a REAL man and left dumbhead Liam, unless he changes and soon!
      I love Rick with Maya….get rid of that bimbo Caroline Please!
      More story for Dayzee…she never has a good story!
      Stop the Icky story of Eric and Taylor NOW! Barf!
      I dont like when Brooke butts into her daughters life and I do like her chemistry with you know who!
      Anyway, that’s my humble opinons

    4. I love the chemistry between Brooke and bill:)
      I hate the fact that they keep throwing two beautiful and intelligent women towards an unfaithful idiot like Liam.
      Dump the sorry ass for good.
      Taylor, you must have a mental disorder. You blame Brooke for your relationship issues ( ridge, nick, Thorne and now Eric) stop dating the men that Brooke dated first.
      Brooke didn’t break your marriage to ridge. You did!!! Ridge always loved Brooke. But his mom got in the way,then Eric fell in love with Brooke. Ridge didn’t want to hurt his father and set Brooke free and turned to Taylor.
      Then she died. Brooke and ridge reconnected and she helped raise ridge’s children. Brooke is a great mom and step mom.
      Now steffy, you and your mom want hope to respect your relationship with Liam. Where was the respect for hope when she was dating Liam first and then engage to him. Dr. Taylor your a phony your advise is only good for your own advantages. Your daughter is the tart (editted for language). Let see… She slept with Marcus, Rick, almost bill and now Liam.
      No respect for other women who already are involve in relationship.
      Liam when amber was pregnant , funny you didn’t believe that you should of married amber for the sake of the newborn. You were ready to start a life with hope. Hypocrite!!! Didn’t think twice about the baby. You’re selfish human being.
      I am tire of everyone blaming Brooke. In my opinion, Brooke should’ve stop convincing Hope to get back with a loser like Liam. She deserves better. Hope let the fool go towards a bigger tart like steffy.
      The steff your the biggest liar. First, you say that you want Liam to choose. But he choose hope then you drop your secret. So much for not letting him decide? Idiot!
      Brooke get more of a backbone. When Steff and Taylor gang up, shut them down. Let them know that they are not so innocent. Taylor history; involve with forrester men, ridge, Thorne, Eric, Rick jr. And don’t forget ridge’s half brother Nick. Wow! Look who is the tart now! Hide the cousins. Lol

    5. I have a feeling Hope and Liam isn’t over! Bell is just using Steffy’s cement baby to trap Liam and delay this silly triangle some more, since he did promise “a shocking unexpected outcome” is yet to come. Funny how yesterday Liam never told Steffy he loved her or kissed her. To me it’s so obvious that he chose baby over Hope. It’s just so sad that he doesn’t realize that he can have his true love Hope and be a good dad. This is different than when he was growing up that Bill didn’t know he had a son. Liam knows of this baby and is too stupid to realize he can marry his true love Hope and be active in his baby’s life as well. I wish Liam would see Steffy for who she truly is….nothing but a self serving tramp, just like her crazy mom! They both blame everything on Logans and never take responsibilities for their own wrong doings! I’m so tired of Steffy and Taylor’s crap….nothing come out of their mouth is of value!

    6. Hope and Liam deserve a REAL chance to be together. Seems many are forgetting that they were the initial couple. Steffy has gone after both men that Hope was involved with. She needs to get her own man. Oliver turned her down, Bill led her on, then dumped her choosing to stay with his wife. Now she has seemingly won with Liam. But I refuse to believe it’s the end of the road for Hope and Liam.

      • The real kicker would be if Steffy lost that baby! I thought she was going to lose it when Hope pushed her into the desk and steffy fell and after falling she grabbed her baby belly. Love Hope, Rick, Bill, Liam, Maya, and Hope’s mom!

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