The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: March 4 – 8, 2013

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    Taylor and Eric

    With their relationship no longer much of a secret, Taylor and Eric spend an evening together.  It must be quite an evening, or Eric must be very lonely, because at the end of it Eric asks Taylor to move in with him!

    Brooke, Bill and Katie

    After finding Taylor  in Eric’s bedroom wearing lingerie, accuses Taylor of using Eric and then rushes over to tell Bill what she just witnessed.  Bill tells Brooke that Taylor has moved house and advises her not to dilly dally.  Brooke, who is already suspicious of Taylor’s motives for becoming involved with Eric, responds by taking Bill Spencer’s advice.  Brooke will be looking for more power at Forrester Creations, by relaunching Brooke’s Bedroom!

    Bill is a position to offer Brooke more than just encouragement.  Remember he owns 12.5% of Forrester Creations stock!  And Bill wants Brooke running Forrester Creations!

    While Bill is busy helping Brooke empire build, Katie is spending all her time parenting Will, despite the fact that she could hire round the clock Nanny’s should she so desire.  Katie’s reaction however is a believable overcompensation for having walked out on her son while she was suffering post natal depression.  But in the process Katie is neglecting Bill…turning down his amorous advances in favor of spending time with Will.  Katie, also gives Bill the greenlight to spend time with Brooke and help her regain some of her power at Forrester Creations…

    Steffy, Liam and Hope

    Steffy begins to wonder about Liam’s decision to stay with her and the baby.  Did he choose to stay with her because of the baby?  Will Steffy and her baby end up living a re-run of her life? Will Liam always be drawn to Hope, like Ridge, her father was to Brooke?  Steffy confides in her mother.

    Hope has a favor to ask of Liam.  Brooke is stunned by what her daughter wants.  Hope asks Liam to promise her that he will marry Steffy before the baby is born!  Hope, foresaking a life with Liam for the good of his unborn child, throws herself into her work and Hope for the Future…

    The Others – Rick, Maya, Caroline and Carter

    An opportunity comes Carter’s way that will keep him in Los Angeles.  YAY! Rick offers him work.

    Rick finds his focus is no longer on his work, but on Maya who seems to have bewitched Rick.  Caroline’s ill-timed arrival interrupts a moment between Maya and Rick.  Rick backs off on the flirting while Caroline is present.  Caroline pleads with Rick to spend time with her.  Maya isn’t impressed with Miss Caroline.  Rick helps Maya with a project, but still doesn’t fill Maya in on who he is…

    Here’s your opportunity Thomas…Rick is distracted, if you have a plan, now is the time to implement it…

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    1. I think the favor Hope is asking of Liam is to stay away from her. He’s made it clear he chose the baby over her so I think she wants him to leave her alone so she can move on. Taylor and Eric is so disgusting and pukeworthy! How can Steffy and Thomas be okay with their mom romancing their granddad?! It’s so nasty to me….Yuck!

    2. On today’s episode, Thomas seemed okay and gave his mom his blessing to date his granddad?! Wow, Taylor and her rotten kids are much much more twisted and sickening than I thought. Liam on the other hand, never said “I love you” back to Steffy when she told him she loved him and their baby so much….thought that was pretty funny. Guess Steffy is still clueless and delusional as heck thinking she could be his real love?! She needs a serious does of reality check….

    3. Well the whole bunch is twisted, but for starter Eric is not Thomas’s grandfather, Mosimo is his grandfather. But Brooke, lets see Brooke, has been with every man in the Forrester family, in fact Brooke got pregnant by Eric (Rick) after Ridge dumped her for Caroline, even though this was before we Ridge and Eric learned they weren’t really father and son. Brooke marries Eric and at some point begins another affair with Ridge, gets pregnant again (Bridgette) at which time Ridge was engaged to marry Taylor. Brooke tries to stop the wedding by telling Ridge she’s pregnant with his child, which of course turned out to be the child of Eric LOL Brooke has another affair with Thorn eventually breaking up Macey and Thorn, ….Oh heck I am tired of typing about Brooke this could go on for days….And right now she’s tryin to get her groove on with her brother-in-law…….Please
      Stop with the Taylor and her rotten kids, because no one in the soap is as rotten as Brooke and hers.

        • Worse because she is so high and mighty the plastic bimbo needs to go off with Ridge. Brooke deserves so much better. Who saved Forrester with her invention years ago, who has work hard for the company? not the plastic bimbo, go get some more plastic surgery and botox then leave, Think I might tune out.

          • I’ve heard lots of names for Taylor, but I’ve never heard plastic bimbo….LOVE IT! And you are so right! Taylor always thinks that she’s all that and much better than Brooke. The reality is she’s NOT better than Brooke. Taynut and her trashy daughter need to be removed from B&B. The show is NOT worth watching with them in it!

    4. Steffy and Thomas have lived their entire lives calling Eric granddad. I don’t even think they truly know their biological granddad Mosimo. If they are not viewed as Forrester grandkids, then they should not have any rights to any FC stock shares. Steffy should give up her rights of 25% shares then. As long as they call Eric granddad, then their mom going after granddad is just nasty. Taylor has no room to judge Brooke anymore especially now that she’s been with every Forrester men….Ridge, Thorne, Brooke’s son Rick, and now Eric, not to mention she’s been with Nick and Whip. She also cheated on Ridge with James. Plus, back in the days of her heavy drinking days, she picked up strange men at bars and did them too. Taylor has always acted like she’s morally perfect, but as I have listed her long history of men, she’s really not any better than Brooke.

      • you are so right do not forget about the prince.steffy started all of this.liam leave hope alone
        you wanted the baby,I think liam and hope are still married

        • liam is not happy,steffy knows this she is doing the same thing with liam the way her mother did with
          ridge,he is in love with another women,but steffy this what she wanted deal with it.

    5. Bell promised a shocking unexpected outcome so I really do believe Hope and Liam are still married. I also do think that Steffy’s baby could be Bill’s and not Liam’s baby. Afterall, she did keep her condo all this time and I can’t help but wonder why she even need it when she was living with Liam. The shocker could be she kept her condo as a “love nest” to make baby with Bill and pass the baby on as Liam’s child. We all know Bill is a master manipulator and Steffy just wanted to win over Logans, so IMO it’s possible they came up with this scheme to trap Liam for life to Steffy and ruin Hope and Liam forever.

      • Liam leave Hope alone you and Steffy deserve each other you are no better than her plastic mother and for ever changing his mind father(ridge) Blood line belongs to Erics children what about Thorns

    6. Steffy definitely needs a dose of reality..she needs 2 leave liam alone
      and Taylor is jus with Eric for alone one thing..2 get revenge on d Logans but her plans will fail
      am so tired of these Foresters..they make me sick

    7. i love hope an liam….together..steffy needs to lose the baby…i hope hope an liam is legaly married afteralll…..i think steffy needs to find a man dat will luv only her and to stop tryin to take hope’s man,… she did it wen hope was with oliver an now went after liam she always want what hope has

    8. Isn’t it funny now that their granddad is dating their mom, Steffy and Thomas refusing to call Eric granddad. On today’s episode, they keep refering their mom and Eric this and that….so all of a sudden, he’s not their granddad and calling him Eric now?! Wow, these sick twisted people like Taylor and her spoiled brats have got to go….I’m so tired of their crap! If they are not going to recognize Eric as their granddad, then I want them to give up their rights to all shares of FC stocks….they don’t have Forrester blood and if they ditch their granddad, then they most certainly don’t deserve FC stocks!

    9. Steffy is like a dog in heat. A baby doesn’t keep a man. She is her mother’s child.The history with mother and daughter. I don’t know whose the worse. Any man comes along they feel it’s their opportunity to go after it. they all are skanks. The show is getting boring. Better when stephanie was alive. They are running out of story lines. Taylor face gonna crack. All that botox and plastic surgery. Hate looking at her. She looks like the lion woman.

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