The Bold and the Beautiful: The Hope Liam and Steffy Love Triangle February 2013

Steffy Came Home From Paris

Steffy calls Liam from the first class on the plane. She’s coming home…what surprise was in story for Steffy when she got there?

Steffy boarded a flight from Paris back to Los Angeles keen to get back home, tell Liam about their baby, and start their future together.  Steffy confided in the stranger sitting next to her on the plane (a woman named Monica) her entire romantic history with Liam and step-sister, Hope, including filling her in on the baby she was carrying.

Steffy told Taylor she saw Liam and Hope making out

Taylor told Steffy that she should tell Liam about her pregnancy immediately, but Steffy was concerned about Liam staying with her just because of the baby.  Steffy told Taylor she wanted Liam to get Hope out of his system (by spending time with her while she was in Paris) because she didn’t want to live in the shadow of Hope.  Their child shouldn’t be the only reason she and Liam stay together, Steffy told her mother.

Steffy admitted, however, that getting married hadn’t been part of her game plan but now she wants to be married by the time she gives birth.

Brooke reminded Liam about what he and Hope share

Brooke pleaded Hope’s case with Liam, reminding him how wonderful Italy and their wedding were, and most importantly how happy he and Hope were.  Brooke reminded Liam that Hope was always his first choice.  Brooke sent Liam outside to think things through and told Liam he will know what to do as her cell phone rings.

Outside, looking over the ocean, Liam sees a number of colored kites flying in formation over his home, much like the kites that flew over his and Hope’s wedding in Italy.  It is with memories of his and Hope’s Italian wedding in his mind that Liam realizes Steffy has arrived home from Paris.

Liam wants Steffy to move out

Steffy arrived home to the news that Liam wanted her to move out of the Malibu cliff house so that he could have some space to make his weighty decision.

Later when Taylor came by to pick up some of Steffy’s stuff Taylor warned Liam not to over think his decision.  He doesn’t have the luxury of time, she told Liam, almost spilling to Liam about Steffy’s condition.  Liam finally gets half a clue and asks Taylor if there is something he should know.  Taylor doesn’t betray Steffy’s confidence but tells Liam not to blow it.  Steffy is ready to give him all the joys life has to offer.

Hope pushes pregnant Steffy


Steffy pushed Hope too far by insulting her family. Hope retaliated by pushing a pregnant Steffy

Hope went to see Steffy in her office.  She didn’t appear to have a business reason to be there, so presumably she went to gloat about Liam asking Steffy to move out.  This conversation quickly turned to this topic.  Hope expressed confidence that Liam had made the “right choice” in choosing Hope over Steffy in the past and that she was sure he would do so again.”

Steffy got angry and promised Hope she was not going to let Liam end up with Hope.  She would spare him a life of misery with a dysfunctional Logan.  Steffy then started in on Brooke interfering with Taylor’s marriage to her father.  The ladies yelled at each other.  Hope became angrier and angrier at Steffy denigrating her mother, balling her fists and warning Steffy to stop.

Steffy didn’t stop and a furious Hope lashed out, pushing Steffy.  Steffy stumbled backwards and twisted around landing against her desk with her stomach taking the full impact. A stunned Steffy fell to the ground clutching her stomach leaving viewers wondering over the weekend whether Hope would be responsible for Steffy’s miscarriage…

Hope is proud to be a Logan

Steffy and baby were fine but declined Hope’s offer of help in rising from the floor.  Hope told Steffy she was proud to be a Logan.  The ladies discussed leaving Liam to his own devices while making his decision.  In reality both Hope and Steffy took whatever opportunity they had to remind Liam how much he shared with them.

Brooke saw Liam asking Steffy to move out as the road being clear for Hope and wasn’t prepared to leave anything to fate or Liam’s fickle decision making process.

Brooke the wedding planner

Brooke plans a room service elopment for Liam and Hope. Will they end up married though?

If a couple of kites flying over the Liam’s house could make him toss Steffy out on her ear, imagine what a full blown reenactment of Hope and Liam’s Italian wedding could achieve.

Brooke flew Father Fontana, the priest who married Hope and Liam in Italy, to officiate over a surprise elopement for Liam and Hope.  Brooke used Forrester Creations staff to decorate the yard of the Malibu cliff house with flags mirroring the cliff face wedding Hope and Liam had in Italy.  Liam was surprised to find Brooke and Father Fontana in his home.  He and Father Fontana discussed Liam’s failed marriage to Hope.  When Hope arrived wearing a white dress and seeing the flags flapping in the wind overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Liam and Hope realized what Brooke’s plan was.  Liam and Hope were getting married.  Today.

Meanwhile, Taylor accompanied Steffy to her obstetrician’s appointment where she heard her baby’s heartbeat for the first time.  If her mother, the obstetrician and seeing an ultrasound of her baby didn’t weaken Steffy’s resolve to tell Liam about the baby before he made his choice, then the phone call she received next, did.

How many weddings is that for Hope and Liam now?

Wedding Crashers

Madison, one of the Forrester employees Brooke had assigned to decorating Liam’s house called Steffy on her cell phone (which Liam only moments ago had received voicemail on) and filled Steffy in on what Brooke had planned.  Hope and Liam had arrived, Madison told Steffy.

Taylor and Steffy promptly left the obstetrician’s office and high tailed it over to Liam’s house.  Steffy’s resolve not to use her baby to keep Liam faltered. Steffy and Taylor arrived just in time to find Hope and Liam exchanging their vows.

Steffy’s baby bombshell, needless to say stopped the wedding.  Hope, Brooke and Liam were all stunned by the news.  The over protective mammas quickly began arguing.  Liam was shell shocked.  This new information changed everything – once again he had a decision to make – or realistically one to be made for him.

The pregnancy announcement fallout

Steffy got her private conversation with Liam.  But the conversation was a little one-sided.  Liam had been shocked into silence.  Steffy apologized for telling his about the baby the way she did.  She had been on her way to tell Liam about the baby before she left for Paris, but when Steffy got home she got an eyeful of Liam and Hope cavorting on the bed.

Then she’d intended to tell Liam when she got home from Paris, but Liam got in first and threw her out of the house! Steffy had to tell Liam the way she did, Steffy reasoned.  Otherwise Brooke would have strong-armed him into marrying Hope!

One minute he’s ready to marry Hope, the next Liam learn’s he’s going to be a father. Hope and Steffy both plead their cases to Liam.

Hope, of course, saw things differently.  Steffy hadn’t changed.  She still lies and keeps secrets.   Steffy is truthful only when it benefits her, Hope told Liam, and if not, she waits it out.  Hope asked Liam to consider that Steffy wasn’t as noble as she appeared.  Did she really not tell him about the pregnancy because she didn’t want it to influence Liam’s decision?

Or was Steffy guiding him, all the while holding onto that golden ticket to use whenever she needed.  Letting Liam make his own decision was backfiring so Steffy told him about the pregnancy, Hope argued.  Hope told Liam that he could commit to his child without committing to Steffy.  Don’t let her take you away, Hope begged Liam.


Liam Chooses

Liam finally made his decision.  I knew that being in love meant I would want to be with that person always, Liam told Hope, but what I didn’t realize was that I would want to be the man you see me as.  And that man wouldn’t walk out on a baby conceived in love….

Hope ran from the room, Liam hot on her tail.  Outside Liam admitted that he and Hope, in a perfect world would be married and spend their life together but that some things just can’t be undone.

Hope ran off in tears, and Liam returned to his living room.  Brooke went after Hope when she learned Hope wasn’t coming back.  Taylor told Liam he’d made the right decision than left Steffy and Liam alone.

Steffy was deliriously happy but what she couldn’t see was the anguish on Liam’s face as he hugged her, his face hidden from Steffy’s view…

Last Month in the Hope, Steffy and Liam Love Triangle


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