The Hope, Steffy and Liam Love Triangle – January 2013

Hope learned what Bill did

This month saw Hope Logan learn through a conversation with Dayzee that Bill Spencer was responsible for sabotaging her and Liam’s Italian wedding.

Still reeling from learning that Rick, her brother, had convinced nightclub DJ, Othello, to lie to Hope about what went down between Steffy and Liam at the nightclub the night before Hope and Liam’s Los Angeles wedding attempt, Hope went after Bill Spencer – with a golf club.

Hope used a golf club to break into Bill’s house and threaten him

Hope arrived just in time – in the middle of an intervention.  Bill was being faced by his wife, Katie, Brooke, Karen and Danielle, all who believed Bill’s drinking was a problem and had contributed to Caroline’s accident.  (Caroline fell over the balcony on the Spencer mansion onto the tennis court 10 feet below during a heated argument with Bill about her disloyalty to her family).

Hope added to the accusations, but learned that almost everyone present knew about Bill’s manipulations at her Italian wedding.  Hope, did the one thing that would hurt Bill Spencer the most.

Hope told Liam what Bill did

Bill was waiting when Liam arrived and had his go at giving Bill a piece of his mind.  Liam ripped off his sword necklace and gave it back to Bill.  Bill pleaded with Liam for forgiveness and promised he would never interfere with his grown son’s life again.  But Bill’s pleas fell on deaf ears, so Bill proved his manipulations were not over.  He picked up the sword and in front of his son, plunged it into his chest.  Liam was horrified at the craziness of his father’s actions and they parted on ok if not good terms.

Later viewers learned that Bill had a wad of cash strapped to his chest (where he’d plunged the sword).  The cash was used to buy his wife Katie an expensive diamond necklace.

Hope wants Liam back

Hope stepped up her campaign to get Liam to take her back and dump Steffy. Hope felt justified in wanting back the life that she and Liam would have had if third parties (Rick and Bill) hadn’t interfered.  Without their lies, they would have been married by now, Hope told Liam.  Liam told Hope he needed time, to tell Steffy. The couple began making out at the Malibu cliff house.

But Steffy is pregnant…

Meanwhile Steffy took a pregnancy test.  It was positive.  Delighted, Steffy headed home to tell Liam. Going around the back, Steffy saw Liam making out with Hope on the bed that they shared!.  Steffy left without drawing Liam or Hope’s attention, and returned to her office to pick up her bag and head to the airport to catch a flight to Paris.  (Ridge had summoned his daughter).

Steffy is pregnant!

In her office, Steffy found her mom, Taylor, who had found the pregnancy test box sticking out of Steffy’s bag.  Steffy confirmed she was pregnant then promised her mother to silence as she headed off to Paris without telling Liam.

Steffy told Liam to spend time with Hope

Taylor and Liam did speak, via web chat, when she arrived in Paris.  Steffy told Liam to spend the time while she was in Paris with Hope.  She hoped that Liam would get her out of his system.  Steffy reminded Liam how happy he was with her, and how all Hope brought to his life was expectations and drama. Steffy also cryptically told Liam that they shared something that he and Hope didn’t.

Hope wanted Liam to tell Steffy to move out

Liam did as Steffy suggested and spent a lot of time with Hope.  Hope suggested to Liam that when Steffy returned from Paris, he should ask her to move out.  Hope wanted a level playing field. Taylor found them enjoying a romantic evening in front of the fire one evening and snapped.  She demanded that Brooke tell her daughter to do what she hadn’t in the same situation and step aside and respect Liam and Steffy’s relationship.

Taylor didn’t get much sympathy from Brooke so she went to Eric, who she confided in that Steffy was pregnant.

Steffy came home from Paris to tell Liam he’s going to be a daddy

The end of January 2013 saw Steffy on the way home from Paris confiding in a stranger , named Monica, on the flight home.  Steffy gave Monica a lot of detail about her, Hope and Liam’s convoluted romantic history and even told Monica that she was pregnant.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, a newly confident Hope, upon learning that Steffy was on the way home, offered to help Liam move Steffy’s stuff out of the house.