Days of our Lives Spoilers – March 11-15, 2013

Nick, Gabi, and Will

The day of Gabi and Nick’s wedding arrives.  They plan to exchange vows in the Horton house.  Rafe is part of the wedding party which delights Gabi. Nick is certain all is “taken care of” but is he right? Will wants to put an end to the nuptials – can he do it?  Or will Homophobic Nick raise his daughter in the same lunatic mould…

Or will Will luck out and someone else seeking revenge against Nick take care of the problem?


Is released from prison…


Stefano wants his family back under one roof.  With Kristen already there, and Chad considering moving in, Stefano now wants EJ back in the family fold…

Sami, Lucas and EJ

Sami and Lucas plan to break the law…there is evidence they need to dispose of at the Salem PD, but they are caught by another one of Sami’s exes.

EJ tells Sami that Stefano can help with the Nick issue, but there are conditions…would that perhaps mean moving into the DiMera mansion?

John, Brady, Kristen

Is John trying to make peace when he tells Brady he will try to keep an open mind about him and Kristen?  Or is he working his own plan?

Brady begins to think along the same lines as Marlena has been all these months…Could John still have feelings for Kristen?

Chloe, Daniel and Jennifer

Chloe becomes desperate.  She drugs Daniel.  Jennifer then finds Chloe at Daniels hotel room.  Jenn is horrified at what she sees, Daniel is just as stunned.  Smells like a set-up…

Chloe and Nancy’s plan seems to have worked, but did they leave anything behind to expose them?

Kate and Rafe

Kate learns that Stefano is back in town.  She worries that he will punish her for her association with Rafe should he find out.  Will Kate end her affair with Rafe?

Further down the track…

Brady proposes to Kristen after disowning John and Marlena

Daniel tries to save his relationship with Jennifer

Sonny and Nick have a punch up

Gabi wants some answers from Nick

A court case makes the DA’s office busy


Days of our Lives is also casting a special prosecutor and a gun salesman – is this about the gun that Will used to shoot EJ and T shot?  Will will stand trial and pay for his crime as Nick likes to say?

Or is this all about a child custody case?


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