Days of our Lives Spoilers – March 18-22, 2013

Nick’s hmophobia and hig big mouth get him into trouble – again. But does Nick have bigger problems in the form of Stefano DiMera and Vargas? Kristen’s revenge is nigh, but is it still what she wants?  Do Jennifer and Daniel overcome Chloe’s manipulations?

Nick, Gabi, and Will

Gabi is horrified to learn about some of Nick’s antics. Gabi is determined that Will will still have a relationship with his daughter.

Nick opens his big mouth again displaying his homophobia and he gets into a fist fight with Sonny.

Sami tells Will that Stefano could settle the score with Nick for him…

Chloe, Daniel and Jennifer

Jennifer gets some advice on “the Chloe situation”.

Daniel goes after Jennifer who is at Smith Island.  They argue until Daniel sets her straight. He didn’t sleep with Chloe.  Daniel and Jennifer are watched while they make out – by Chloe.

Chloe gets advice for a compatriot in scheming – fight for Daniel Kristen tells her.

John, Marlena Brady, Kristen

Brady proposes to Kristen after disowning John and Marlena.  Marlena believes John is working a plan.  She wants to help.

Abigail and Cameron

Cameron lies to Abigail.  What is Cameron up to? And who else in Salem might be involved?

Abigail sticks her nose where it’s not wanted when she asks Cameron why he lied.  Cameron’s questionable dealings remain a secret thanks to an argument between Abigail and Anne.

Nicole and Eric

Nicole has eyes for a new guy.  She still likes her men bad.  This one’s a felon! Vargas.

Further down the track…

Abigail and Cameron’s romance heats up. Will Abigail give up her membership to the Golden Circle Club?

Will Kirsten’s feelings for Brady get in the way of her revenge?

Nick’s past won’t leave him alone.

Nick and Sonny’s fist fight has implications.

Stefano is ready to do some heavy lifting…and welcomes Sami with open arms raising her suspicions

Rafe and Kate’s liaison is revealed – to at least one other.


Days of our Lives is also casting a special prosecutor and a gun salesman – is this about the gun that Will used to shoot EJ and T shot?  Will will stand trial and pay for his crime as Nick likes to say?

Or is this all about a child custody case?

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