Days of our Lives Spoilers – March 25-29, 2013

Will, Sami and EJ

Sami and EJ move into the DiMera mansion.

Will thinks Sami is right.  He takes Sami and EJ’s advice – let Stefano help him take care of Nick Fallon.


Kate asks Sonny not to tell anyone about her and Rafe’s liaison.  Will Sonny keep the secret?  How will that play out for Sonny and Will when Will if Will finds out Sonny kept a secret about his grandma and former step-father hooking up?

Even if Sonny does keep quiet someone else will soon know about Kate’s unlikely romance.

Kate and Rafe

Kate and Rafe decide that they are a little more than “just sex”.  Friends with benefits maybe?  For that to be true, Rafe and Kate would have to “like” each other!

Why does Kate slap Rafe?  And why is Rafe caught with his pants down?

Kate overhears a conversation between Sonny and Adrienne.

Nick, and Gabi

Nick fills Gabi in about his time in prison.

Nick and Gabi move into the Kiriakis Mansion (Nick is a Horton and thereby related to Maggie.

Nick comes face to face with someone from his pastVargas perhaps?  Nick is scared, but both have something at risk.

Chloe, Nancy, Daniel and Jennifer

Chloe and Nicole have a falling out.

Chloe and Nancy put their scheming heads together to come up with another plan to keep Dan and Jennifer apart.

Nancy leaves Salem with Parker.

Chloe delivers an ultimatum to Jennifer.  Dan can either have Parker in his life, or Jennifer.  But Chloe won’t allow him to have both.  Jennifer does the right thing.  She decides that with a mother like Chloe, Parker needs a stable influence in his life.  Jennifer will give up Daniel.

John, Marlena Brady, Kristen

Marlena is horrified to learn from Brady that he and Kristen are planning on tying the knot.  Brady doesn’t have any better luck when he tells grandpa Vic.

The thug Kristen hired to work over Brady drops in to see Kristen.  And Marlena too.  Someone blackmails Kristen.

Abigail and Cameron

Abigail and Cameron appear set to invalidate Abigail’s Golden Circle membership.  But Abby has second thoughts and Cameron isn’t as understanding as he should be…

Nicole and Eric

Nicole finds Vargas a job.  She asks Eric if he can do some handiwork around the Church/convent.

Further down the track…?

Who is buying a gun?

Chloe hasn’t been honest, and Dan reaches the last straw.  Chloe’s plan backfires (Nadia Bjorlin’s last airdate will be in April, 2013)  Could Kate be the one to bring Chloe’s plan undone?

Abigail and Chad are getting close to working out Cameron.  Look for them to expose Cameron’s secret

John asks Sami for help!

Sami has a go at Nicole.

Kristen knows Marlena is up to something but can’t work out what!

Sonny makes a confession to Will, which shocks the young Horton.


Days of our Lives is also casting a special prosecutor and a gun salesman – is this about the gun that Will used to shoot EJ and T shot?  Will will stand trial and pay for his crime as Nick likes to say?

Or is this all about a child custody case?


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