The Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke and Taylor – The Lingerie Wars

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    With the absence of Ridge, Taylor and Brooke’s rivalry has morphed into a power play. The ladies are currently involved in a tug of war jostling to cement their (and their children’s) positions at Forrester Creations, and in the Forrester family.  This war, however, is being fought in an unusual battle garb – lingerie!

    Taylor models lingerie for Eric and become the new Forrester Matriarch

    Taylor has been whining for months about how much she and her family keep losing to the “Logan’s”. Those complaints mostly fell on deaf ears, because she kept complaining about the Logan’s to the Logan’s.

    Eric designed soem lingerie for Taylor which she modelled for him on their first night together

    But Taylor hit pay dirt one evening when she barged into Eric Forrester’s mansion and unloaded on Eric about her feelings of loss.  She’d lost Ridge to Brooke, Phoebe forever (because of Rick), Thomas had just lost the Presidency of Forrester Creations (again to Rick) and was considering moving to Paris, and Hope was putting the moves on Liam which Steffy was in Paris visiting Ridge.  I’m all alone Taylor wailed to recent widower, Eric.

    Through their feelings of loss, Taylor and Eric’s friendship blossomed into more – a romance.  And whether Taylor had planned it or not, it resulted in Thomas being given a Vice Presidents position at Forrester.   Taylor had a new source of power in the Forrester family and liked it.

    Taylor and Eric’s relationship moved fast.  Eric designed a Forrester Originals piece of lingerie from the Intimates line for Taylor to wear on their first night together.

    Is Taylor using seduction as her weapon of choice in a power play against Brooke?

    Taylor gladly modeled the lingerie for Eric, as she had promised she would when Eric had told her Stephanie’s response to a similar situation before her death when they’d though her cancer in remission.

    Unfortunately for Taylor, Brooke let herself into the Forrester Mansion that evening to talk to Eric.  Bill Spencer had convinced her to go to Eric and discuss taking a bigger role in the management of Forrester Creations by becoming co-CEO – the title Stephanie had bestowed upon Eric.

    Talk of the management of Forrester Creations quickly disappeared from Brooke’s mind when she saw Taylor in Eric’s bedroom wearing the negligee Eric had designed for her.  With Thomas’ surprise promotion to Vice President still fresh in her mind; Brooke quickly decided that Taylor was using Eric to solidify her and her children’s positions at Forrester Creations.

    Eric ultimately threw Brooke out and he and Taylor had their night together.  Taylor must have done an outstanding job modeling that lingerie because Eric not only decided he was in love with Taylor that night, but also invited Taylor to move into the Forrester Mansion the following day.

    Eric pronounced Taylor the new Forrester matriarch.

    Brooke Models Lingerie for the World

    Brooke and Bill hijacked Thomas’ business presentation with a proposal to relaunch Brooke’s Bedroom

    Taylor quickly made herself comfortable in her new role, and Eric’s office at Forrester Creations.  She also wasted no time in filling Brooke in on her new power.  You answer to me around here, Taylor told Brooke.  Taylor felt like a queen and was behaving like one too!

    Brooke was furious and determined not to let Taylor undermine, her, Rick and Hope’s positions at Forrester Creations.  And Brooke had Bill Spencer (who owns 12.5% or Forrester creations) in her corner.

    At the same time, Forrester’s quarterly sales numbers came in.  Rick the President, was nowhere to be found.  (He was taking Maya shopping on Rodeo Drive for a day of playing Cinderella on the Forrester Creations boutique).

    Thomas saw his opportunity and wasted no time in telling Eric that maybe it was time to try his ideas.  With some prompting from Taylor, Eric agreed.  He would have another opportunity to pitch his ideas in a presentation in the showroom.

    Brooke and Bill wasted no time in putting together a presentation of their own.  Bill pulled some old financial statements and quickly told Brooke that Brooke’s Bedroom, her old lingerie line was the most successful in Forrester Creations history.  It was time to resurrect the line, Bill told Brooke.

    Rick arrived just in time to hear the plan and rubber stamp it.  Hope too got behind the plan, and Rick and Hope went to Thomas’ presentation.  The presentation started without Brooke because Eric had a flight to catch to Genoa City for Nikki and Victor’s wedding.

    Thomas put together a business-like presentation with charts and statistics as he explained again, his vision for embracing change in Forrester and targeting a new audience for their designs by going online, centralizing distribution.  Rick challenged Thomas’ plan all the way, saying it it didn’t work a couple of months ago, and it won’t work now.

    Thomas countered by asking Rick if any line had been profitable during his tenure.  Name just one, Thomas challenged.

    Brooke wowed the group assembled for Thomas’ presentation when she appeared as the spokes model for the New Brooke’s Bedroom line

    Then the lights when down and Dollar Bill Spencer’s voice boomed over the PA system asking all those present to feast their eyes on the New Brooke’s Bedroom – the most successful line in Forrester Creations history.

    Lingerie clad models exited onto the runway blowing kisses to the audience, stunning the Eric and the Taylor branch of the Forrester family with the pizzazz of a true Forrester Creations style production.  The models stood aside as the backdrop lit up with a sexy silhouette.  The backdrop disappeared to reveal Brooke looking smoking hot modeling in red lingerie (and cyanide crimson lipstick!).

    Eric choses Brooke’s Bedroom over Thomas’ plan for Forrester Creations

    “This is how we made profit before, Eric,” Brooke tells him, “If it worked once why not do it again.” Brooke finished.  Eric made his way to Brooke on the stage and declared he liked it.  Then he turned to those assembled and stated:

    “Sorry, Thomas, Taylor, Brooke’s Bedroom it is.”

    The Logan’s rejoiced and Taylor, Thomas and Steffy simply watched in defeat.

    Round one of the lingerie wars has been fought, and for now Brooke Logan is the victor….


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