The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: March 18 – 22, 2013

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    Brooke makes her own play to protect her place at Forrester Creations as Taylor wields her newly found power. Thomas and Rick aren’t the only ones fighting for power at Forrester Creations. 

    The Bold and the Beautiful will not be broadcast on March 21 and 22, 2013.

    The text below contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already gone happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.

    Bill, Brooke, Katie, Taylor

    Brooke wowed the group assembled for Thomas’ presentation when she appeared as the spokes model for the New Brooke’s Bedroom line

    Bill and Brooke’s business alliance draws attention, as Brooke re-launches her Brooke’s Bedroom line that made Forrester Creations millions in its day – $100 Million according to Bill’s reading of the historical financial statements!

    Could Brooke, not Thomas be the solution to Forrester Creations current financial woes?

    Katie seems to have reason to be worried about her marriage to Bill.  Bill sure was effusive as he watched Brooke model some old Brooke’s Bedroom sample lingerie last week…and did Bill really tell Brooke he would do anything for her?

    Taylor still sore about Brooke blind siding Eric with her Brooke’s Bedroom proposal, warns Katie about Brooke and Bill.  Has her new found power gone to Taylor’s head?  As Brooke said, Taylor slept with Eric, moved in the next morning and shortly after was feeding him advice on how to run Forrester Creations “if anyone can fix Forrester’s problems its Thomas…”

    Katie’s concerns are compounded when she finds Bill and Brooke in a compromising situation.  They have been celebrating the re-launch of Brooke’s Bedroom – and he’s been drinking.

    Katie lays into Brooke when Brooke tries to tell Katie to accept her husband for who he is.  They are a family, Katie warns her sister.  She won’t be one of Brooke’s victims!

    Thomas and Rick

    Thomas took advantage of Rick dropping the ball (Rick was out playing Cinderella with Maya when he should have been reviewing first quarter sales numbers and learning that the company was not doing well financially).  Due to Rick’s absence and maybe because Eric is a little in lust with Taylor right now, Thomas got another shot at presenting his vision for running Forrester Creations….

    The rivalry between the young Forrester protégé’s Rick and Thomas heats up this week, with Rick losing it with Taylor.

    Are the boys too busy fighting each other to realize its their mother’s who are fighting the real power battle?

    Caroline and Maya (Rick’s women)

    Desperate, Caroline isn’t about to lose the best relationship she’s ever been in, and steps up her attempts to keep Rick’s attention on her.  Caroline confronts Rick about his lack of interest in spending any time with her.

    Maya tells Dayzee what happened with her “guy”.  Dayzee tells Maya, that she is a Forrester.  Dayzee gives Maya some advice – stay away from Rick.  But Maya is still interested in Mr. Rick Forrester…

    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Further into the Future…

    It is rumored that Brooke gets herself a controlling interest in Forrester Creations.  A 51 % shareholding that is somehow related to her Belief invention (Brooke was a chemist way back in the early days of B&B)…

    Caroline learns that Maya is the reason that Rick has shown little interest in her.  He reaction is consistent with her new Diva personality (Was that an undiagnosed side effect of Uncle Bill “pushing” her off the balcony and onto the tennis court?)

    Meanwhile Dayzee is worried about Maya becoming a bigger part of her world.  Would Dayzee join forces with Diva Caroline to oust Maya from Rick’s life?

    Katie’s insecurity over the state of her marriage grows, as does Bill’s frustration with his wife.

    Brooke becomes a confidante to a friend in need.  She also makes a risky business move to protect her chidren’s positions at Forrester.

    Eric hosts a dinner party that doesn’t go to plan…

    The heartbreak for Hope isn’t over – Is Steffy having twins maybe?

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