The Bold and the Beautiful: The Hope Liam and Steffy Love Triangle March 2013

Liam settled into the domestic life of a father to be

Liam and Steffy show Grandpa Bill the sonogram picture of the newest Spencer

March 2013 opened with Liam and Steffy settling back into life together at the Malibu beach house.  Steffy donned his clothes and they discussed cravings.  It seemed like typical behavior for an expecting couple, except when Hope’s name was mentioned.  Liam clearly had misgivings about having to walk away from Hope, but he hid those feelings from Steffy.The news about Steffy and Liam and their bundle of joy spread through the Forrester, Spencer and Logan families, with mixed reception.

Predictably, grandpa to be, Bill Spencer, went little nuts and bought out BabysRUs and even some of ToysRUs – he arrived riding a bike…

Hope is consoled, by Oliver

Oliver, Hope’s ex, managed to do what few thought possible after Liam chose to stay with Steffy, the mother of his unborn child.  He made Hope laugh.

Oliver showed Hope a tattoo.  He’d had it done not long after they’d broken up he told her.  It was the Chinese symbol for Hope.  At that time Oliver had thought that maybe he could win Hope back.  Though he’d made many appointments to have it removed, something always got in the way.  Oliver told Hope he still cared for her.

Hope asked Liam for a favor

Brooke was stunned to learn the favor Hope asked of Liam.  Hope asked Liam to marry Steffy before the baby was born.  Noble?  Maybe, but more likely related to the fact that both she and Liam had grown up without a father in their lives.  Hope, like Liam didn’t want that for his child.  Even if the child’s mother is Steffy.

What did Liam do?

Liam and Steffy discuss wedding plans – in bed

Exactly as Hope asked of him.  Not surprising really.  Hope asked Liam to ask Steffy to move out last month, and that’s exactly what he did.Steffy, of course, was deliriously happy in her newfound domestic bliss, and Liam’s sudden willingness to get married.  She did have some concerns however that Liam was just staying with her because of the baby. Steffy did the right thing and asked Liam if he felt trapped, and Liam did what Liam does, tells her no.  Then after making love to his pregnant girlfriend, Liam starts daydreaming about Hope…

Nah, not feeling trapped at all.  Liam, however, did make plans with Steffy to get married.

Hope asks another favor – this time of Steffy

Being noble and lonely made Hope miserable and tense in the presence of Steffy.  After a volatile board meeting where the Taylor Forrester’s and The Logan Forrester’s took opposing views to the company’s financial woes (notably who should run the company, Thomas or Rick) Hope went to Steffy in her office and asked Steffy for a favor.

Hope told Steffy that she had everything.  She had Liam, she was about to have his baby, and Steffy was living the life that Hope should have been living.  Now Hope wanted something in return.

Hope told Steffy it was too hard seeing Steffy every day at work, and being forced to watch her baby grow. Go be a Spencer, Hope asked.  Leave Forrester Creations and work with Bill and Liam over at Spencer Publications.

What did Steffy do?

Hope asks Steffy for a favor, but doesn’t get the response she’d hoped for.

Steffy wasn’t feeling generous though.  Instead she simply told Hope that she should know that She and Liam were planning their wedding.  Hope decided to pull the rug out from under Steffy just a little by telling Steffy that Hope asked Liam to marry the mother of his child before the child was born.Steffy told Hope that she would keep her distance from Hope, but that she wouldn’t be leaving Forrester Creations.

To be continued….


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