Channel Nine dumps Days of our Lives in Australia

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Sad news for Australian Days of our Lives fans.  Channel Nine, stating commercial reasons, has dumped Days of our Lives from its Daytime line-up.

Channel Nine did the same with The Young and the Restless, in 2007.  The Young and the Restless was quickly snapped up by pay TV provider Foxtel, however.  Nine replaced The Young and the Restless with a chat show that no longer remains on the air today.

This phenomenon will sound familiar to fans of ABC’s cancelled soap opera’s All My Children and One Life to Live.  The lifestyle shows that replaced at least on of those soaps has also been cancelled, while the soaps, All My Children and One Life to Live have found a new life on the internet.

All My Children and One Live to Live start their internet run on April 29, 2013.  That is the Monday after Days of our Lives will last air on free to air TV in Australia.

The last of the sands will flow through the Days of our Lives hourglass on Channel Nine on Friday April 26, 2013.

Sony is reportedly looking for a new partner in Australia.  Could Foxtel possibly give Days of our Lives a place in its line-up as well?  At least that would be the end of a summer of cricket pre-emptions.

Days of our Lives has been renewed in the US through to September 2014.

In contrast to Channel Nine’s approach to daytime soap operas – that is dumping them, Channel Ten has recently added a second screening of The Bold and the Beautiful each day.  First run episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful run at 4.30pm each after noon, repeated the following morning at 9am.

Do you watch Days of our Lives in Australia?  What are your thoughts on Channel Nine dumping Days?  Would you watch on pa-tv if Foxtel does pick up the soap?  Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. Yes, although many people are ridiculing the show, there are a number of people on websites and Facebook disappointed. I have only been watching intermittently recently, but it is sad to see the show dumped from free to air after so many years. It is annoying that it is still running in the US and has been taken off, it would be nice to watch it through to the end. I don’t have Foxtel so won’t be seeing it there.

  2. I am so disappointed, shocked and devastated that Days is being dumped. Lots of people who watch Days cant’afford pay TV. Please consider keeping it Chanel 9 or at least another free to air TV station please.
    Days has been part of my life for so many years. Please reconsider and dont forsake people who have supported your shows for so many years including Days.

    thank you

  3. I have watche the show since 1968 I am so dissappiuinted in WIN for doing this yo all their loyal audience they gave OTHER CHANNES like go and gem why cant they put it there too upset to continue

  4. I am looking forward to an update about Fox picking up the soap. At least individual shows wouldn’t be cancelled for any reason that seemed important at the time taking it further and further away from present time. I most certainly would watch it.

  5. I am so disappointed in channel 9. My friends & I have been watching Days for decades. I really can’t believe they are pulling it just like that. There are going to be a lot of angry viewers with channel 9. Most people I know can’t afford pay tv with the current economy the way it is. Please please can another channel pick it up? PLEEEEASE.

  6. I am really upset. So many people do watch Days of Our Lives including a lot of Elderly People who look forward to it for that hour each Day Shame on You Channel Nine I won’t watch you or vote for you or any of your programs in any Awards shows ever again. Goodbye.

  7. I have been a very loyal supporter of Channel Nine, however, Shame on you Channel Nine. To some of us, days of our lives has been a part of our lives for years, and religiously we would sit and watch this soap. Now instead you put shows that are replays. Why can’t Days be shown on Gem or Go. NOT HAPPY

  8. well channel 9 you have done it again,first it was young and the restless and now this, you cant even run your programs on time, shame on you, the one thing you are good at is running a sloppy operation, if my boss was running your business i can assure you heads would be rolling , shame, shame, shame.

  9. Shame on you Channel 9 for taking off air tje longest running soap on Australian television. I am devastated along with everyone else i know. I was so shocked that i didn’t believe it till i read about it myself and then the tears started, i can’t believe i won’t be able to ever follow the lives of the good people of Salem. Please please please can another free to air network take on Days of Our Lives and i would definitely want Foxtel to pick it up. The reason i subscribed to Foxtel was to watch Young and the Restless when Channel 9 took that also away from loyal viewers. I have never missed an episode of DOOL for over 35 years. I never thought, ever that this would happen. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put the hour of happiness back into our daily lives, i can’t imagine my day without a dose of DAYS OF OUR LIVES!!!!!!

  10. Channel 9, I am deeply hurt by your action of taking DOOL off of Australian TV!!! Many loyal viewers (including myself) are disgusted and confused as to why such a popular and long running TV soap has been taken away. There really is no words for this other than disloyalty. Shame on you!!! I know one thing is for sure and that is if no action is taken to bring back this great soapy then Channel 9 will lose the respect of many Australians!

  11. My elderly parents loved this show and always looked forward to this,to take this show off these elderly and young who looked forward and enjoyed this programme Channel Nine has abandoned these people ,Channel 9 shame on you for biting the hand that fed you all these years ,this is a true case of treason and your decision has cast a gloomy cloud over many viewers who will definitely not watch any second hand crap you may wish to fill . Show your gratitude to all DOOLS viewers and bring it back TV is to entertain .
    Who ever made this decision should get his back pack and thongs and start walking as they have no idea about what the people enjoy.

  12. So disappointed in Channel 9 for suddenly removing Days of Our Lives. I have been watching the show since the first episode. We talk about ‘loyalty’! I think you should be ‘loyal’ to your MANY viewers and return this series as soon as possible. the majority of ‘oldies’ do not have the money to have Foxtel, and people confined to their homes would appreciate this series being returned.

  13. How upsetting that after so many years of following Days of our lives, it is now gone…..just like that!
    We elderly look forward to it so much each day.
    Instead of removing it completely, why won’t you consider your other Channels viewing it?
    It was difficult enough to come to terms with losing General Hospital and Young and the Restless over the years, but there was always Days.
    There is not much for me to look forward to on TV anymore, I’m afraid.
    Please reconsider your decision.

  14. I am very disappointed days of our lives has finished on channel 9. this soaps are long time running programs and should be available. i for one would definately watch it if foxtel picks it up. i show like this deserves to be on the screen for all to see – both young and old.

  15. I am so disappointed that channel 9 has taken days of our lives off air. I have been watching it almost from the beginning. I just love the show. I hope another channel or foxtel pick it up.

  16. Channel nine has so many crap shows repeats all the time, Days of our lives should go to ten who know what the viewer wants I plan to not watch the news or morning shows on nine someone should organize a massive backlash and for the sake of all our grandmas turn the channel over so win gets no ratings.

  17. Yes very dissapointed with channel 9. Sick of all the crap they have on. Sick of reality tv. My family have been watching Days for ever and they pulled the program with out any notice to faithful viewers. Why not even move the progam to GO channel…there are so many free to air digital channels now. I don’t under stand! 🙁

    • very upset with you channel 9 . I agree with everybody else . I do shift work and i don’t want watch the News 3 or 4 times day in a span of 6 hours or some of that other crap you are showing . I’ve bin watching days for 17 years haven’t mist one yet . No wonder everybody is loosing money all the good staff gets taken away .

  18. Can’t believe channel nine dumped days.
    Very disappointed and also making sure I don’t
    Watch many shows on nine

  19. I am soooooo disappointed that there were no warnings to us that Days had been taken off after watching this show for numerous years.

  20. I am so disappointed that channel nine has cancelled days of our lives, i refuse to watch any channel nine program, i hope channel ten or seven pick it up, i wish i could afford foxtel but as a stay at home mum i cant. I have been watching Days of our lives for the past 25 years and i got a set top box to record it while i worked, now that i am on maternity leave i would love to have an hour of favourite program please return days of our lives to free to air tv

  21. I am hoping foxtrot will pickup Days of our Lives like they did with Young and the Restless!Come on Foxtel!!

  22. Yes I agree with you all- A sad day- No more Chanel 9 for me unless they bring days back- If they don’t, I hope fox tell picks it up–PLEASE–

  23. I agree first you cut Young and the Restless and now Days of our Lives…. all the good show’s you even cut the return of Dallas. I have watched these shows almost all my life on and off since i was a young girl ( 40 yrs) … The special memory of watching these shows with my grandmother when i was a young girl on school holidays and sick days i hope wont fade!! I am now a mum of 3 and love the 1 hour at 2pm… My elderly neighbour has watched this show forever and is very upset you have cancelled the one show a lot elderly men and woman look forward to every day!! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Chanel 9 reconsider….

  24. Now that days,has been axed there is nothing worthwhile watching on daytime tv, so I guess I’ll be listening to a lot of music in future.

  25. I am extremely sad and ANGRY about this!!! DOOL has been my favourite soapy since I was a child!! I grew up with it, watched it with my nan, who has now passed and other family too and we have great memories. I taped it everyday while I was at school and I still do now I’m working full-time and look forward to coming home to catch up! Hope, Nicole and EJ are my favourite characters! How dare they replace it with repeats of crappy House Husbands…. pathetic!!! I want Days back NOW plz..!

  26. I can’t afford foxtel, and I have been watching for 27 years. I am disappointed and so over Channel nines crappy decisions. Channel Ten come to our rescue. SOON PLEASE.

  27. I am so disappointed, and devastated that Days has been dumped. I work part time, and the relaxation of watching DOOL when I can has been great for me. I cant’afford pay TV. Please consider keeping it Chanel 9 or at least another free to air TV station please.
    Days has been part of our lives for so many years. Please reconsider and dont forsake people who have supported your shows for so many years including DOOL.

  28. I’m very disappointed that after 38 years one of my all time favourite show days of our lives has been cancelled. I’m 38 and have been watching it all my life.
    I would definitely be hoping foxtel picks it up and at least that way I wouldn’t have to worry in summer that the cricket would start

  29. I cannot believe what channel nine has done in taking days of our lives off the air after all these years. I starting watching it on YouTube from the last episode aired on nine and was so happy I had watched about 8 weeks worth then it was suspended from YouTube to. I suppose channel nine did that to cause they own the rights or something stupid like that. So please please another TV network please pick Days up.

  30. I am very disappointed to miss Days of our Lives. A lot of aged pensioners watch this show so now will find something on another channel to watch. NOT CHANNEL NINE. Why would you axe it after all these years when it has been followed by so many. You dont have any trouble finding places for sport and reality shows. Pay T V is too expensive for pensioners. We didnt even get any warning.

  31. Cant believe it, I have been watching that show with my mum since I was born, when I was at school we would both come home at lunch time to watch it together. then at uni in another town I would still come home and watch it and we would call each other and it was something we had in common. Now she has passed away, it was a nice comforting thing to do at lunch time that made me feel at home and think of her, even feel close to her. NOT that you really even care how much this has affected loyal Days viewers. At least put it on one of your other channels or a different time slot?
    I hate day time talk shows and I won’t be getting Foxtell. Sad time indeed.

  32. Yes I would watch it on pay tv.
    Good one channel nine now I will not know what is going on. I will not be watching or voting for any shows. Very disappointed.

  33. My mother has been watching Dayz as she call’s it since the show began she is now 84 and is very frustrated as it’s her daily routine to sit with Dayz for that hour it gave her something to look forward to every day 🙁

  34. So disappointed Im 54 and have watched this since I was 15, mum was still watching it when she passed away this xmas.It reminded me of us watching it together ,how wrong of channel 9 to axe it without thinkink of the people that have followed them for years.

  35. yes i would watch it on pay tv just please hurry up and put it back on we miss watching it me and my mum

  36. very disappointed ,I started watching day in 1974 ,and miss it very much ,channel 9 decision was very wrong ,maybe another net work should pick it up?

  37. Days of our lives was my little tune out to life show. I am a stay at home mum and have been religiously watching days for the last 3 years when my children are asleep, still feeling disappointed I can’t watch it anymore………who wants to watch repeats!!!!. PLEASE reconsider putting it back on. Even on another free to air channel. We are only on one income so can’t at the moment afford pay TV.

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