Days of our Lives Spoilers – April 22 – 26, 2013

Nicole, Vargas and Eric

Nicole is determined to be with Vargas but things don’t turn out as expected when Eric walks in on the two of them sinning.

Eric talks to Father Matt about Nicole – a confession?

Jennifer, Abby and Daniel

Jennifer makes nice with Maggie.  Will she accept Jenn’s apology?

Neither Jenn, nor Abby are happy with Anne.  Jennifer gets her job back at the hospital and has a heated discussion with Anne.   Abby meanwhile schemes to put an end to Anne’s plans.

A thankful Cameron rethinks his romance with Abby and pulls her into a kiss.

And Daniel performs…

Kate and Rafe

Rafe and Sami have an awkward meeting, thanks to Kristen

Rafe discusses their romantic future with Kate.  He’s over Sami, Rafe tells Kate.

Kristen, John and Brady

Kristen goes to John to return his gift.  Things get physical.

Ciara is not happy to learn her daddy isn’t coming home yet.  Brady calms Ciara down.  Ciara gives Kristen a present – the photo?

Brady interrupts a moment between John and Kristen and father and son nearly get in a fight over Kristen!  Brady asks his father about his history with Kristen

Stefano and EJ

Stefano has fun messing with Sami, Will and EJ before agreeing to help them retrieve the evidence the Salem PD have against Will.

EJ puts his own plan into action while Stefano’s attention is else where.

Sonny, Adrienne and Sami

Sonny questions Adrienne about Nicks coming and goings at the mansion, so that Sami and Sonny look around Nick’s room.


Vargas starts making demands of Nick which make him nervous.  He’s directed to take money and triple it.

Further down the track…?

Jen Lilley, who replaced Kristen Storms (ex Belle Black DAYS) as Maxie over on General Hospital is coming to Days of our Lives.  Who is she?

Gabi demands the truth from Nick

Sami receives a gift

Nicole realizes there’s more to Vargas than meets the eye

Who does John confide in about his plan (or should we say lifelong quest?) to bring down the DiMera’s

There’s a break in at the Horton house.


Days of our Lives is also casting a special prosecutor and a gun salesman – is this about the gun that Will used to shoot EJ and T shot?  Will will stand trial and pay for his crime as Nick likes to say?

Or is this all about a child custody case?

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