How did Bill and Brooke become close? And why is Katie to Blame?: The Bold and the Beautiful

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    Bill was afraid he’d lose his wife if she went through with the high risk pregnancy. He just may have. But not in the way he’d imagined.

    Life should be good for Bill and Katie Spencer.  They are in love, and have a newborn son.  Unfortunately, having a family has also put some unforeseen pressure on their relationship.  And Katie is the first to admit that the current crisis she faces in her marriage is at least partly of her own making.

    But Bill and Katie’s problems started long before baby Will was born…

    Bill didn’t want Katie to have a Baby

    When Katie told her husband she was pregnant, she didn’t get the response most pregnant women expect when they deliver that happy news.  As a heart transplant recipient, Katie’s pregnancy was extremely high risk.  And Bill couldn’t cope with the idea of losing his wife as a result of the stress the pregnancy would put on her heart.  Worse still Bill couldn’t imagine hating his own son for killing his wife.

    Katie managed to convince Bill that she wanted to go ahead with the pregnancy and they settled in to wait the birth of their first child together.

    Katie died during child birth

    Katie left her body and went “into the light” where her brother, Storm, met her.

    Bill’s worst fears were realized when Katie went into premature labor. Katie learned that Bill had put the wellbeing of their family at risk by getting Deacon Sharpe out of prison just so that he could interfere with Liam’s plans to marry Hope.  Katie began to fear not only for her family’s future, but for her son’s future with Bill as an interfering meddling father.  Katie vowed to protect her son from his father.

    Katie was rushed to the hospital where her heart rate escalated out of control and Katie flat lined as her son was born.  Katie came back to those who love her after seeing Storm, her brother, “in the light”.

    Katie suffered Post Partum Depression

    Katie and Bill took their son home, but all was not well.  Katie kept hearing her heart racing and became convinced she was going to die.  Katie became more and more withdrawn from her son, scared to bond with him in case she did die.

    Under the influence of post partum depression, Katie hatched a plan to give her son the kind of life she thought he deserved.  Her sister, Brooke, recently dumped by her husband Ridge, already loved her nephew.  She would make the perfect mother for Will, and partner for Bill, Katie decided and went about making it happen.

    Katie walked out on Will and Bill

    Katie walked out on her son and her husband.  As predicted, Brooke stepped in caring for newborn Will and providing support for Bill, who was frantic about his wife’s whereabouts.  Even Steffy was impressed with her former step mother.

    Bill and Brooke got to know each other, and see each other through Katie’s eyes. Brooke came to appreciate Bill’s take charge attitude and Bill appreciated the support Katie’s sister provided for both him and his new son.

    Katie organized for Bill and Brooke to take a romantic hot air balloon flight in Aspen

    To seal the deal, Katie sent Bill and Brooke (with Steffy and Liam) on a wild goose chase to Aspen.  Once there, Katie organized for Bill and Brooke to go up in Bill’s hot air balloon.  Bill wanted to know where his wife was, not go hot air ballooning but went anyway when Liam suggested that maybe Brooke would like to go.  Of course, Liam and Steffy babysat Will.

    Bill and Brooke enjoyed the trip and it was clear there was more developing between the duo than mutual admiration.  Katie’s plan was working!

    Brooke needs Bill’s support

    Back in Los Angeles, a dying Stephanie called Brooke to Big Bear so that Eric could attend a meeting at Forrester Creations.  While Eric was gone, Stephanie died in Brooke’s arms.  Stephanie gave Brooke her engagement ring as a keepsake of their newfound friendship and respect for each other after so many years of bitter rivalry.

    Bill was there to provide support for Brooke when Stephanie died

    When Bill heard about Stephanie’s death he headed to Big Bear to be with Brooke.  He provided comfort for a grieving Brooke, in the same way Brooke had been providing support for him through Katie’s absence.

    It was an emotional moment and the two realized there may be more between them than friendship when they kissed!

    Katie Came Home

    Thanks to Taylor, Katie finally realized she was suffering from PPD (Post Partum Depression) and wasn’t necessarily about to die. Who really knows when their time is up?  With meds on board, Bill, Katie and Will settled into family life in the spectacularly large mansion Bill procured.  Life should have been good.

    Unable to resist temptation, Bill and Brooke make love

    But the seeds of attraction between Bill and Brooke were already planted.  Katie turned her focus onto bonding with her son, not an unrealistic response given the circumstances.  Katie even encouraged Bill to help Brooke out with taking a bigger role at Forrester Creations.

    But can Katie be blamed for Bill and Brooke’s actions once the attraction was in place?  No.  That responsibility lies solely with Bill and Brooke.  Life is full of many temptations; it is our choice how we act on them.  Unfortunately for Katie, her sister, and her husband don’t have a good track record for resisting temptation…



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