Steffy and Liam’s Wedding – The Bride Wears Black on The Bold and the Beautiful

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    Eric has designed Steffy a black wedding dress for her wedding to Liam

    When Eric Forrester took over the task of designing Steffy’s wedding dress for her upcoming wedding to Liam Spencer, he promised something with a bit of edge – something unlike anything he’d designed before in a wedding dress.  Eric’s definition of edge is to design a black wedding dress for Steffy.

    But a bride sporting a black wedding dress isn’t the only surprise Liam is in for.  Steffy has also made arrangements with Carter – who is conveniently also ordained as a marriage celebrant – for a surprise for Liam during the ceremony.  (Maybe there is a white dress under all that black?)

    What Steffy doesn’t realize is that there could also be another surprise…

    Who attends Steffy and Liam’s Wedding?

    Taylor is Steffy’s matron of honor, while it looks like Bill stands up for Liam.  Eric, Thomas, Justin and Caroline appear to be the only guests, though like at Liam and Hope’s recent wedding attempt there could be an uninvited guest who makes an 11th hour pitch to steal the groom from his pregnant bride….

    Steffy gives herself away – on a black motorbike!

    Steffy certainly did surprise on her wedding day.  Taylor went upstairs to get the bride for a wedding, only to find the room empty.  She went downstairs to the courtyard where the wedding was being held and filled Thomas in.  At that moment the assembled guests heard a motor bike roar to life.

    Steffy gave herself away by riding a motor bike up the aisle (or rather driveway).

    That’s right, Steffy rode up the driveway (aisle) and into the courtyard (altar).  Given her father, Ridge’s absence, Steffy effectively gave herself away.  Or did the motor bike give her away?

    And that black dress?  Isn’t’ a dress at all.  Its a pantsuit ensemble with a lace overlay, or coat/cloak.  Very biker chick.  Very Steffy. And about as far from Hope’s traditional image as you can get.

    Hope asks Rick to take her to the Wedding

    Rick turned down Caroline’s request to take her to cousin Liam’s wedding out of loyalty to Hope.  Rick and Hope spend the day working on Hope’s Hope for the Future line, but Hope can’t get the wedding out of her mind.  She states that she was just trying to do the right thing in asking Liam to marry Steffy as soon as possible.  But it wasn’t noble, it was stupid, Hope realizes.

    Finally, hope jumps up and says she can’t pretend the wedding isn’t happening. She wants Rick to take her to Eric’s place to stop the wedding!


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