The Bold and the Beautiful: Can Katie’s Heart Survive Being Married to Bill?

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    How often does Katie have to be hospitalized before she works out marriage to Bill Spencer is no good for her health?

    Bill Spencer does not claim to be an easy man to live with.  He is controlling, demanding, interfering, as well as extremely successful and good looking.  Katie would have to be a strong woman to put up with Bill Spencer’s machinations.

    Luckily, like the rest of the Logan women, Katie is strong.  But the heart transplant that saved her life has also given her an undeniable weakness.  So while Katie may be able to live with Bill’s manipulations, scheming and infidelity, maybe her heart can’t.

    During their marriage, Katie has suffered three health crisis directly related to Bill, her life at risk each time.

    Heart Attack: Bill Cheated With Steffy

    Steffy’s initial intention in going after Bill Spencer was to blackmail him into returning control of Forrester Creations to the Forrester family.  Steffy did this by stealing his fiancé, Katie Logan’s wedding ring and threatening to tell Katie how she’d gotten it.  Steffy’s plan worked.  Forrester Creations was once again in Forrester hands and Steffy left for International.

    When Steffy returned from Paris her interest in Bill Spencer hadn’t waned.  Bill found support from Steffy that he wasn’t receiving from his now wife, Katie.  Katie didn’t approve of her husband’s use of violence in trying to kill Amber Moore.  Though, Steffy didn’t condone Bill’s actions (Steffy actually saved Amber) she could understand what motivated Bill’s actions.

    Steffy and Bill became closer and Bill and Katie continued to have problems in their marriage, even undergoing marriage counseling with Taylor for a while.

    Bill and Steffy never consummated their love. They tried, but Taylor knocked on Steffy’s bedroom door, and wasn’t impressed when Bill, a married man, was in there with Steffy.

    Bill finally declared his love for Steffy after helping to find Thomas and Brooke, who’d gone down in a plane crash.  Steffy was elated, but didn’t want to be the other woman.  Bill promised he would leave Katie.  Bill went to do just that, but arrived home to a renewal of wedding vows ceremony that Katie had arranged.

    Unfortunately for Bill, Taylor got to Katie first.  Taylor wasn’t impressed with Bill and Steffy’s relationship and told Katie that Bill was about to leave her for Steffy. Katie didn’t have a heart attack when Taylor told her about Bill and Steffy, but later in Bill’s office while confronting Bill on that very topic, Katie collapsed.

    Katie was rushed to the hospital.  When she regained consciousness all Katie wanted to know was if Bill was going to leave her.  Bill decided to stay with his wife, breaking Steffy’s heart in the process.

    Steffy decided to drown her sorrows, almost literally, by pouring a glass of wine and enjoying a bath in the love shack (Owen and Jackie’s old apartment) she’d purchased for her and Bill, when Taylor hadn’t been accommodating about Bill and Steffy having rendezvoused in Steffy’s childhood bedroom.  Steffy slipped and fell unconscious into the water.  Luckily, Liam was outside her door, returning the apartment key she’d given Bill…

    Early Labor and Heart Attack:  Bill Sabotaged Hope and Liam’s Italian Wedding

    Will was born but Katie flat lined not long afterwards…

    Upon overhearing a conversation between Deacon Sharpe and her husband, Bill, a pregnant Katie learned that Bill had taken the law into his own hands and blackmailed a prison warden into releasing Deacon from a Genoa City jail.

    An angry Katie couldn’t believe that Bill had brought the dangerous Deacon Sharpe back into their lives with the sole purpose of destroying Liam and Hope’s wedding plans.  Katie gripped her stomach in pain as contractions began.

    Bill rushed Katie to the hospital where Katie was in premature labor.  Bill and Katie’s son, Will, was born by emergency caesarian section when Katie’s heart rate escalated beyond a safe rate.  While on the operating table, Katie suffered a heart attack and flat lined.  Katie died and went into the light where she saw Storm.  Her brother, who’d suicide so that Katie could have his heart, told her it wasn’t her time yet.  Katie was resuscitated.

    Myocarditis:  Katie hands Bill over to Brooke

    After Will’s birth, Katie suffered from Post Partum Depression (PPD).  Convinced she was going to die Katie picked a replacement for herself – her sister Brooke – to raise her son.  Katie walked out on her husband and son.

    Through the shared bond of caring for Will and looking for Katie, Bill and Brooke did come to see in each other what Katie saw.  Their friendship grew and when Stephanie died in Brooke’s arms, Bill was there to provide support to Brooke in the same way she had been supporting him through Katie’s absence.

    The two kissed.  Katie’s plan had gone off without a hitch.  Except for the face that Taylor eventually convinced Katie that she was suffering from PPD .  With meds on board, Katie returned to her husband and son and focused on being a mother to her son.

    Unfortunately, in the process, Bill began to feel neglected.  Katie encouraged Bill to spend his time helping Brooke regain her position of power at Forrester Creations.  The two worked together to re-launch Brooke’s Bedroom a lingerie line which saw Bill ogling at Brooke as she paraded around in her underwear.  A lot.

    Thanks to Taylor, who once again blabbed, Katie caught Bill and Brooke in a compromising position while they were celebrating the successful re-launch of Brooke’s lingerie line.  Katie told her husband and sister to stay away from each other.

    Katie told Bill and Brooke that they were kidding themselves if they really thought there was nothing going on between them. Katie handed Bill her wedding rings and told Brooke she could have Bill. She was done.

    When the circumstances around a car accident forced Bill to stay at Brooke’s place for the night, without explaining to his wife what was going on, Katie and Bill’s marriage once again reached breaking point.

    Finding Brooke and Bill in Brooke’s bedroom, Katie falsely drew the conclusion that they had spent the night together.  Katie took off her wedding bands and left them on Brooke’s dresser.  He’s all yours Katie told her sister and stormed out.

    Brooke told Bill to go after Katie, but Bill took Katie at her word.  His marriage was over he told Brooke.  And that he wanted her!

    After making love for the first time to Bill Spencer, Brooke received a phone call from Dr. Meade at the hospital.  Her sister, and Bill’s wife, Katie, had just been admitted, and she wasn’t doing well.

    Brooke and Bill dressed hurriedly and headed down to the hospital to learn that Katie was suffering from myocarditis, an inflammation of her heart muscle, compromising its ability to pump blood.  Clots were also a concern.  If Katie’s heart threw a clot, Bill noted, she could have another heart attack or suffer a stroke.

    After confronting her husband and her sister, Katie had gotten into her car and suffered a cardiac event.  She’d activated her medic alert and the ambulance dispatched had found her unconscious in her car.

    Katie’s life was once again at risk because of her husband’s actions.


    Katie Logan might have the strength that all of the Logan women demonstrate, but she had once very obvious weakness.  Her heart transplant and the constant regime of anti rejection meds she must take to prevent her body rejecting her donor heart make her vulnerable.

    Even a soap heroine would have to draw the line at their husband’s behavior almost killing her three times during a marriage only a few years old.


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