The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: April 15 – 19, 2013

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    Brooke, Bill and Katie

    Guilt over Katie’s condition triggers regret but he and Brooke don’t agree about Katie’s condition.  Katie regains consciousness. Will she kick Bill to the curb?  Or reconcile for the sake of their son?  Sounds like the latter and that Bill goes along despite having doubts about his ability to reconnect with his wife.

    Bill and Brooke deny their feelings for Katie’s sake.

    Steffy, Liam and Hope

    Taylor and Steffy go into wedding planner mode now that the Forrester mansion has been set as the wedding’s locale.  Steffy’s plans will make for a unique wedding.

    Hope finds out about the plans.

    Carter makes a suggestion to Liam and Steffy.  Carter’s a lawyer, Steffy and Liam are about to marry – prenup maybe?

    With wedding plans underway, Liam and Steffy both turn their attention to the honeymoon.  Both are planning surprises

    Maya, Rick, Caroline


    Rick tries to help Hope move on by encouraging her in Oliver’s direction.  Oliver provides support for Hope when she admits to being lonely.

    Maya is determined to spend time with Rick despite Caroline.

    Rick picks a new Face for the Future – Our guess is Maya maybe? Rick is happy that Hope agrees with his plans for Maya.

    Pam learns more about Caroline.  Was Caroline playing the Forresters with that sweet routine all those months?

    Caroline’s next plan? She decides that she will use Carter to make Maya and Rick jealous.


    Donna has words with Taylor about her meddling.  Taylor spends some quality family time with her kids.

    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Further into the Future…

    It is rumored that Brooke gets herself a controlling interest in Forrester Creations.  A 51 % shareholding that is somehow related to her Belief invention (Brooke was a chemist way back in the early days of B&B)…

    Rumor:  There will be a wedding coming up on B&B.  But will it be Liam and Steffy?  Or some other lucky B&B couple?

    Maya’s baby daddy, Jesse, comes to town to throw a spanner in the works of her relationship with Rick.  Jesse is just a little jealous…Look for Jesse to arrive towards the end of May or during June, 2013.

    Look for Bridget Forrester (Ashley Jones)to return to our screens for a 3-4 episode stint.  And she’s not just coming to sit in the back row of a wedding or funeral.  The actress has stated that there is some fun stuff related to Bridget’s mom, Brooke that brings her onto the screen…

    The heartbreak for Hope isn’t over – Is Steffy having twins maybe?

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