The Hope Liam and Steffy Love Triangle April 2013: The Bold and the Beautiful

Hope and Liam babysit Will

Liam turned up at his father’s house for a meeting to discuss strategy, only to find that Bill wasn’t there (Bill spent the night at Brooke’s).  Katie also wasn’t home since she went over to Brooke’s first thing in the morning looking for Bill.

Hope and Liam end up babysitting Will while Katie and Bill face a crisis in their marriage.

Donna was sitting with Will, but when Hope also arrived (Wednesdays are her morning with Will), Donna headed off to work and Hope and Liam stayed with Will.

The couple discussed parenthood and how difficult it could be (given all that Katie had been through) and Hope encouraged Liam to be patient with Steffy when the time came.

Liam noted how good Hope was with baby’s which Hope attributed to her younger brother RJ, who she treated like a baby for longer than he was one, and her own Mom’s ease with baby’s.  Hope even stated that baby’s seemed to be Brooke’s natural peer group, meaning only that Brooke “got” babies and they seemed to love her, as was evidenced when she was looking after Will when Katie went missing.

Hope couldn’t help but tell Liam that she thought “this” would have been there life together would have been like and that they would have been good at it.

Katie is hospitalized

As more and more people arrive to see Katie, Hope and Liam become concerned that something may be wrong.

Eventually, Liam and Hope began to wonder where Katie was.  It was unlike her to be gone for so long.  Normally she had to be pried away from Will.  When Taylor arrived for a follow up session with Katie, she wasn’t pleased to see Liam and Hope babysitting Will together, pointedly asking Liam if he shouldn’t be checking on Steffy (who was at home resting).  She’s pregnant you know, Taylor stated as if a pregnant woman was never to be left unattended!

Concern however turned back to Katie when the nurse arrived.  Liam noted that Bill had never turned up for his meeting either.  Concerned something may be wrong, Hope rang Brooke and learned Katie was in the hospital.

Taylor, Liam and Hope rushed to the hospital to see Katie.  Liam stayed by Hope’s side providing support as she sat with Katie.

Liam and Steffy plan their wedding

Poolside at the Forrester estate, Steffy shows Liam her baby bump

Later, however, Liam enjoyed the evening poolside at the Forrester estate with wife to be Steffy.  The couple admired Steffy’s barely detectable baby bump and received an offer from Taylor and Eric that they can’t refuse – they will have their wedding on the Forrester estate!

Meanwhile Hope was visiting her brother Rick who lives in the Forrester guesthouse.  They discussed their love lives then the conversation turned to business.  Rick has some ideas for Hope for the Future but has some ducks to get in a row before he tells Hope about it.  Rick left and suggested Hope wait for him by the pool.

Liam and Steffy walked the estate looking for wedding locales.  They were happy and playful in the task.  Taylor noticed Hope in the guesthouse and barged right on it (Does Taylor sleeping with Eric entitle her to barge in on Eric’s sons home on the estate?) Taylor told Hope to leave and that today was not a good day for her to spend at the pool since Liam and Steffy are walking the estate planning their wedding.

The wedding day approached

A hospitalized Katie told Liam and Steffy not to hold off on their wedding on her account, so Liam and Steffy continued to plan their wedding and surprises for each other.  Steffy asked Taylor to be her matron of honor.  Liam didn’t have to ask Bill as he just preempts Liam – so very Bill Spencer.  Carter, Marcus’ brother from Texas conveniently isn’t only a lawyer but also an ordained marriage celebrant and offers to officiate at Liam and Steffy’s wedding.

Meanwhile Hope heard about the wedding through office gossip.  Hope lamented to a supportive Oliver that telling Liam to marry Steffy as soon as possible wasn’t noble it was stupid.  If there was a way to stop the wedding without messing with the baby’s life….Hope stops and says regretfully…but there’s not.

Liam tells Hope he’ll always wonder what might have been

Liam regretted not being the one to tell Hope.  Liam told Hope again that he would never feel about anyone the way he feels about her and he will spend the rest of his life wondering what might have been.  A sad Hope teld Liam she knows they would have had a good life and beautiful children, but she can’t keep wishing for something that will never be.

Steffy and Liam’s Wedding Day

Liam and Steffy’s wedding day dawned.  Steffy dressed at the Forrester estate with Taylor by her side.  Thomas joined them and they discussed at how much is right in Taylor and Steffy’s life right now.  Steffy was happy but a little sad that her father couldn’t be there.  Taylor gave Steffy a gift – the necklace that Stephanie gave her many years ago when she was married to Ridge.

Eric welcomed Liam to the family on behalf of Ridge and Taylor and Liam shared a conversation.  With the guests assembled in the courtyard, Taylor went to get the bride, but found the room where Steffy had been getting dressed, empty!  Taylor reported the missing bride to Eric and Thomas.

Steffy gives herself away

Steffy gave herself away arriving at her wedding on a black motorbike

They didn’t have long to worry however, as a motorbike roaring to life drew the assembled guests’ attention.  The guests marveled as Steffy rode a black motor bike up the drive way(aisle) into the courtyard (altar).

Meanwhile Rick was at the office distracting Hope with plans for her Hope for the Future line.  Finally Hope stood up and told Rick she couldn’t work anymore and just ignore that there was a wedding going on.  She asked for Rick to take her to Eric’s to stop the wedding !

Brooke arrived and convinced Hope that the only person she’d be hurting by going to Liam and Steffy’s wedding was herself.  Brooke told her daughter that asking Liam to marry the mother of his child was one of her finest moments.  A visible distressed Hope took her mother’s advice and stayed away from the wedding.

Meanwhile at the Forrester estate, Liam and Steffy exchanged their vows – the more traditional kind – and then how they felt in their own words.  Liam and Steffy slipped rings on each other’s fingers and Carter pronounced them man and wife.  Liam , Steffy and their guests moved inside for the reception.  When it was time to leave for their honeymoon, Liam and Steffy left in a shower of black confetti.

The honeymoon destination was a surprise for Steffy.  They boarded the Spencer private jet for Aspen and Bill Spencer’s retreat, the site of many happy moments for the couple.  Steffy and Liam spent their honeymoon enjoying each other’s company, shopping for baby clothes and discussing how Steffy would not be engaging in and risky activities such as motorcycle riding or paragliding until after the birth of their baby….

All too soon, for Hope anyway, the newlyweds returned to Los Angeles….


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