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    Menopause, Cancer or Pregnant?

    Spoilers have been hinting at Brooke Logan either being pregnant or suffering some kind of health crisis.  Early in the week Brooke had a physical mentioning that she just isn’t feeling well.  Her doctor ran some tests after listening to Brooke’s description of her symptoms.  The medico suggested that maybe Brooke was facing menopause.

    Not exactly a health crisis or even a condition that sends your life in a different direction – as spoilers had been indicating for Brooke.  For a while it looked like fans simply had a Bold and the Beautiful spoilers red herring on their hands.

    But when Brooke’s doctor turned up at Caroline Spencer’s cancer foundation fundraiser on Friday it hinted menopause wasn’t what Brooke was dealing with.  After the fashion show, Brooke’s doctor asked to speak to her.  The hospital lab had just called about her blood test results.

    Brooke had been having difficulty coming to terms with the menopause diagnosis.  Was it menopause Brooke asked disappointedly?  No, Brooke’s doctor told her.  You’re pregnant.

    Brooke sunk into a chair in shock and whispered, “Oh God. No.”

    Who’s the Daddy?

    The paternity of this baby is not a mystery – not to Brooke anyway. And it won’t be to Bill Spencer either.  Everyone else may be scratching their heads, unless Brooke comes up with a decoy daddy (like she did last time).

    After months of tap dancing around their attraction, Bill Spencer and Brooke finally gave in to temptation and made love.  Bill’s wife Katie had returned her wedding rings to Bill when she found him half dressed in Brooke’s bedroom.

    Their marriage was over, Katie had yelled at her husband.  Go be with my sister, Katie told Bill.  She will make you a lot happier than I can. Katie stormed out and Bill did as his wife told him.  Bill slept with his wife’s sister, Brooke.

    Afterwards, Brooke and Bill learned that Katie had collapsed and was in hospital on a ventilator.  Katie’s condition was critical but she did regain consciousness.  The first words from her mouth?  “Rings.”  A horrified Brooke looked at Bill.  Katie wanted Bill to put her wedding rings back on her finger!

    Bill Goes Back to Katie

    Brooke told Bill his place was with his wife and son.  Bill put Katie’s rings back on her hand and recommitted to his wife and their family.  Bill and Brooke agreed that Katie could never know what happened between them.  It would be a secret they took to their graves Bill and Brooke vowed.

    Brooke may have a hard time making good on that promise as another Spencer heir grows inside her, though.  Who will be first to put two and two together?  Ridge left Brooke too long ago for anyone to even contemplate this baby being his, and Brooke’s social life has been devoid of men since – with the exception of her sister’s husband…

    Taylor is going to go nuts over this one….and how will Bridget react when she learns that Brooke has done to Katie exactly what Brooke did to her…



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