Brooke Logan Wants Eric Forrester to Be Her Baby Daddy | The Bold and the Beautiful

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    Brooke Logan has a secret; one that can only be hidden for so long. She’s pregnant.

    Perhaps as a result of Steffy’s tragic baby loss, Brooke has decided that the child she is carrying is a blessing and that if God wants her to have another baby, she will.

    This pregnancy doesn’t come without its issues though. You see, Brooke has been officially single for too long for this child to be Ridge’s. Which means everyone will be asking: who’s the Daddy?

    Except Taylor. Taylor will “know” that the child’s father is none other than Bill Spencer – Brooke’s sister’s husband. Finding out that her sister and her husband slept together and conceived a child could put Katie right back in the hospital – traumatic events usually do.

    For this reason, Brooke has decided against Donna’s advice of telling the truth and came up with her own plan to explain her pregnancy.

    Brooke and Eric’s closeness has been played up over the past couple of weeks. Eric was who Brooke turned too when the thought of menopause had her teary. That it also rubbed Taylor, Eric’s current romantic partner ,the wrong way, was just an added bonus.

    Eric watched Brooke struggling with her secret – one she couldn’t tell him about yet – and told Brooke he would be there for her – anything she needed. Brooke took the offer to heart, but finally had to admit to Eric she was pregnant when he was planning a European launch for the Brooke’s Bedroom Lingerie line with Brooke as the star – no one wears that lingerie better than you, Eric told his ex-wife.

    Brooke was pregnant with her sister’s husband’s baby a fact that could never come out, Brooke told Eric. She needs a baby daddy. And you’re it, Brooke suggested to Eric….

    Will Eric agree to Brooke’s plan to spare Katie the truth about Brooke’s pregnancy?

    Spoilers are hinting that he will. Though not before making it clear that Brooke is asking him to sacrifice his relationship with Taylor to protect Brooke’s secret. It is likely that Eric will refuse Brooke’s request – at least initially. Can Brooke put together a proposal too good for Eric to refuse? History says she can.

    Meanwhile clueless Taylor is happy in her solid relationship and simply believes that Brooke is dating someone new – and tells Bill Spencer so. Will Bill be jealous?

    Poor Taylor is about to learn that perhaps Brooke was right a couple of weeks ago when she told Taylor that that she could have Eric back with the snap of her fingers.

    Eric will be torn between his loyalty to the mother of two of his children (Rick and Bridget) and his love for Taylor. Taylor will once again be on the back foot with a man because of Brooke, and Brooke will do what Brooke does best; lie, scheme and manipulate until the truth is dramatically revealed…

    Sounds like a perfect soap opera triangle…


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