Brooke’s Inappropriate Relationships: The Bold and the Beautiful

Over the past months, as Bill and Brooke got closer to acting on their mutual feelings for each other, viewers have also been reminded of Brooke’s less than stellar history with men.  Mostly by Taylor….

Taylor and Steffy love to take advantage of any opportunity to play the “Brooke destroyed our family by stealing Ridge from us” song, that isn’t really the most damning of Brooke’s escapades.

Some of Brooke’s more scandalous affairs have been with men supposedly committed to women in her own family!  As Taylor put it, Brooke doesn’t exactly let family ties stand between her and a handsome sexy man!  Donna too said that Brooke isn’t exactly good at denying herself when it comes to handsome sexy men.

Poor Katie was right to worry about Brooke spending so much time with her husband.  History does not look kindly on Brooke showing loyalty to the women in her life when it comes to their men.

Brooke Slept with Deacon – Her Daughter’s Husband

Bridget Forrester, Brooke’s daughter with Eric Forrester, fell for and eventually married Deacon Sharpe.  Their history was complicated, as Deacon only became involved with Bridget as a means of seeking revenge for losing Amber Moore to Rick Forrester, Bridget’s older brother. He once demanded that the Forrester’s chose between Amber and Bridget because he would have one of them.

As tends to happen in soap operas, over time (and a car accident that hospitalized Bridget) Deacon soon realized his feelings for Bridget had grown into true love.  Bridget agreed to try make their marriage real.  But Deacon discovered a kindred spirit of sorts in Bridget’s mother Brooke…

Brooke had been trying to convince Deacon that he should divorce Bridget, and she’d been making headway. Deacon and Brooke established a friendship of sorts.  When Thorne left Brooke after overhearing Brooke admit to Deacon that she still thought of Ridge every day, a depressed Brooke began drinking. When Deacon arrived with more booze, they commiserated on their unsuccessful love lives and ended up in bed.

Brooke and Deacon betrayed Bridget by sleeping together. They kept their affair secret throughout Brooke’s/subsequent pregnancy.  Bridget learned about her mother’s betrayal with her husband just before Brooke’s baby was born.  Bridget had thrown her mother a baby shower and overheard Deacon and Brooke discussing their affair over the new baby monitor.  Bridget disowned her mother and threw Deacon out, but a twist of fate saw her deliver her half sister, or step daughter depending on how you look at it.  The baby’s name?  Hope Logan.

Brooke Slept with Oliver – Her Other Daughter’s Boyfriend

Hope grew up with a slew of substitute fathers, Ridge Forrester and his half brother, Nick Maroni amongst the most prominent.  Perhaps as a reaction to her mother’s history with men, Hope became a young woman with high moral standards.  Hope was going to save herself for marriage.

During her teen years Hope Logan dated Oliver. And, yes, Brooke slept with Oliver as well, albeit by accident!

Hope’s Graduation Party

It happened at Hopes high school graduation. The event culminated in a masquerade party. Thanks to Hope insisting that Brooke wore one of the Forrester dresses for the music video being filmed at the party that night, and a mix up with the necklace Oliver gave Hope as a graduation present, Oliver thought Brooke was Hope.  “Hope” even whispered the exact words in his ear that she’d told Oliver she would say when she was ready for them to make love for the first time.

Brooke thought Oliver was Ridge, and was telling him that she was ready to continue what they had started in the steam room earlier in the afternoon. When Oliver tried to remove their masks, Brooke stopped him.

I guess it never occurred to Oliver that Hope wouldn’t lose her virginity in a dark corner at a party, not to mention that Brooke’s sexual repertoire must be more sophisticated than her daughters…Oliver didn’t have to wait long to realize his error.

Oliver returned to the party with a bounce in his step and a smile on his face. The smile soon faded when he saw Hope, sans mask, coming down the stairs saying she’d been looking for him.  The DJ then told everyone they could remove their masks.  Oliver turned to watch “Hope” come inside from the patio.  He watched shocked as she pulled her mask off.

Oliver had had sex with Hope’s mother, Brooke.  Ironically, in the lead up to the party everyone had been worried about Steffy ruining Hope’s evening!

Hope eventually learned the truth, at a press conference, through a tribute video that Steffy put together commemorating Brooke’s contributions at Forrester Creations.

Hope even recently joked with Liam what it meant to be Brooke’s son in law, a dig at her mother’s propensity of sleeping with her daughters beau’s or husbands.  This of course was a foreshadowing of Booke’s next inappropriate sexual indiscretion.

Brooke Slept with Bill – Her Sister’s Husband

You could almost forgive Brooke for falling for Bill Spencer.  He wasn’t even on Brooke’s radar.  After all he was her sister, Katie’s, husband.

Katie organized for Bill and Brooke to take a romantic hot air balloon flight in Aspen

It was Katie who pushed Bill and Brooke together while suffering from post partum depression. Convinced she was going to die, Katie walked out on her family and manipulated events so that Bill and Brooke under the guise of searching for Katie engaged in some romantic adventures while in Aspen.

Katie’s plan worked too well. Brooke and Bill saw new sides to each other and feelings beyond friendship quickly developed.

Then Katie returned home took some meds and resumed her life as a wife and mother. Brooke gladly stepped aside.

When Brooke needed a friend however Bill was there for here. First when Stephanie died, then in helping Brooke take back some power (from 5Taylor) at Forrester Creations.

Bill helped Brooke relaunch the Brooke’s Bedroom lingerie line. Thanks to Taylor’s meddling, Katie was now concerned about Bill and Brooke’s relationship.

A car accident with an intoxicated Bill and concern about bad press, Brooke had Bill stay at her home when the police began hanging around her house. Katie stormed over to Brooke’s house the following morning to find I’ll in Brooke’s bedroom half dressed. furious she gave him his rings back. Katie told Bill to be with her sister.

Unable to resist temptation, Bill and Brooke make love

Katie left, and Bill did just that. The Stallion and his filly hit the sheets.


After the deed, Brooke received a phone call from the hospital. Katie was on a ventilator after collapsing in her car.  Bill and Brooke rushed to the hospital. Katie eventually regained consciousness begging Bill to put her rings back on her finger. She apologized profusely for doubting Bill and Brooke’s loyalty.  Bill went back to his wife.

Bill and Brooke agreed that what happened between then would be there secret. Recent events however may mean that Brooke cannot keep that secret.  She’s pregnant!  This time with her sister’s husbands child….



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