Days of our Lives Spoilers – May 13 – 17, 2013

Kate and Rafe

Kate is the one to find Rafe in the alley way.  She gets help for Rafe then goes and hunts down Stefano.  Kate blames Stefano for the attack on Rafe, but Hope thinks it’s EJ – and has evidence!

Will and Sonny believe it was Nick who knocked out Rafe – his shirt matches the attackers!

Brady accuses the DiMera’s of the attack and it causes an argument between him and Kristen

Rafe and Kate’s affair becomes public.  Stefano feigns surprise.  Sami is

Father Eric is at Rafe’s bedside – things aren’t looking good.  Eric provides a shoulder to cry on for Nicole.

As Rafe’s condition deteriorates Kayla and Cameron tell Gabi she must decide whether to pull the plug.  Can Rafe be saved by love?

Sami and EJ

Sami claims to love EJ, but can you have love without trust?  Sami wonders if EJ had anything to do with the attack on Rafe.

Kristen, Brady, John and Marlena

Brady wonders about Kristen’s sudden distance.  Meanwhile, John and Doc are talking divorce.  John’s words are hurtful for to Marlena.  John lets Kristen know that he is a free agent.

Kristen is torn.

Jennifer, Daniel and JJ

Angry teen, JJ, isn’t happy with Jennifer and Daniel’s relationship.  Daniel isn’t his father!  Jennifer realizes that JJ has issues around telling the truth.  Abigail doesn’t believe what JJ is saying about London. Jennifer also learns that JJ lied about what happened in London.


Chad wants to know if there could still be a future for him and Abigail. He learns he may still have a shot at romance after all.

Nick and Gabi

Nick finds himself in danger but it may be Gabi that ends up getting hurt.  Nick learns his work with Vargas isn’t over.  Nick and Gabi find themselves held at gunpoint. – Will Gabi go into labor?

Days of our Lives Spoilers – Further down the track

Will risks his life – is it to save Gabi? Or his daughter’s

Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) will appear again for a few episodes during summer…

Jen Lilley, who replaced Kristen Storms (ex Belle Black DAYS) as Maxie over on General Hospital is coming to Days of our Lives.  Who is she?


Days of our Lives is also casting a special prosecutor and a gun salesman – is this about the gun that Will used to shoot EJ and T shot?  Will will stand trial and pay for his crime as Nick likes to say?

Or is this all about a child custody case?

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