Days of our Lives Spoilers – May 20 – 24, 2013

Next week on Days of our Lives – A love confession, a shooting and a birth…

Kate and Rafe

Kate declares her love – for Rafe – while he’s unconscious.  Someone does hear her confession though.  It’s Stefano!

Sami and Kate get into it.  Nothing new there except it’s a new topic – about Kate’s relationship with Sami’s ex.

Sami and EJ

EJ convinces his fiancé that he is innocent of having anything to do with Rafe’s beating.

EJ and Justin get underway with their plan against Stefano.

Kristen, Brady, John and Marlena

Kristen and Brady’s wedding day approaches.  But is Kristen getting cold feet?  Will she go through with the wedding?

Will John go ahead with his plan?

Johnny has the picture of Kristen paying off Vargas.  Marlena gets hold of it.

Jennifer, Daniel and JJ

Jennifer is more trusting of her son than Abigail is of her brother.  Abby knows JJ is not keeping good company.  JJ loses it with Dan.

Will and Sonny

Sonny and Will are all in for rescuing Gabi (and Nick) on Smith Island.  Things go awry when Will and Sonny’s plan goes .  Nick and Will try to escape from their captor (Jensen) but Will is shot!

Gabi goes into labor.  She worries there is something wrong with her baby, but Sonny is there to help her deliver – in a shed – presumably on Smith Island.

Will’s life is at risk.  He is rushed to the hospital where Sonny, Sami and Lucas await news…  Sami attacks Nick.

Hope and Ciara

Hope realizes that Ciara’s actions may impact many in Salem

Chad, Cameron and Abigail

Cameron questions Abigail about her feelings for Chad


Nicole is horrified to realize that she hasn’t been as clandestine about her feelings for Eric as she thinks.  Brady has her all worked out!


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