Does Liam Blame Steffy for Losing Their Baby? The Bold and the Beautiful

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    Steffy’s love of life, costs a life

    At their wedding only weeks ago, Liam stated that what he loved most about Steffy was that she grabbed life and lived it. That was only mere minutes after a pregnant Steffy rode her motorcycle up the aisle (driveway) and gave herself away.

    Taylor called Steffy her tomboy wild child who grew into a beautiful young woman who defined femininity on her own terms.

    Now that Steffy’s devil may care approach to life has cost them their baby, in a motorcycle accident will Liam change his tune?

    Liam is Angry at Steffy

    Bill pushed Liam into venting his feelings over the loss of his baby. Bill figured he could take whatever Liam had to say, but Steffy couldn’t especially since Liam clearly blamed Steffy for the loss of their child.

    In his grief. Liam vented, taking Bill’s advice to use him as a sounding board.  Pretend he was Steffy and say what he needed to say, Bill advised his son.  Before he went to pick up his wife from the hospital.  I can take it, Bill told his grieving son.  Your wife can’t.

    For once Bill Spencer was dispensing good relationship advice to his son.

    “You don’t have to always be strong in front of me. Be strong for your wife. She needs that.  Me? I’m here for you. What do you want to say – get it off your chest.” Bill goaded is son into letting out his feelings.

    Liam let loose, yelling at “Steffy” about being on her motorcycle. “What were you thinking? What were you getting on that bike for, “I told you not to” Liam yelled.  “I told her.”

    “You made me a father and you took it away. He’s dead because of you.  He’s dead. That’s on you!” Liam shouted through his tears.

    Liam Blames Steffy for the Death of their Baby

    Those final words were words of blame.  For Liam the death of their baby is on Steffy.  Words said in grief can be harsh but they stem from very real emotions.

    Bill told Liam that anytime he needed to say those words he was to say them to him.  Steffy could not hear those words.  Bill then implored Liam not to hold what happened against his wife. He then held his son and told him how sorry he was.

    Steffy Blames herself for her Baby’s Death

    Forgive yourself. Don’t Blame yourself. It was an accident. Taylor’s advice for a withdrawn Steffy

    Meanwhile, Liam’s wife, Steffy, was still in the hospital, replaying the conversation in her head where Liam laid down the law (in jest) and told her no more motorcycle riding until the baby was born.  Physically she was ready to go home, but emotionally Steffy had yet to forgive herself for what happened.  Steffy was silent and withdrawn.  Taylor begged her daughter not to blame herself but Steffy didn’t speak until it was Liam in her hospital room.

    “I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have taken the bike. I’m sorry.” Steffy wept as Liam held her.

    Will Steffy and Liam’s marriage survive the loss of their baby?

    Can Liam forgive Steffy for her recklessness with their baby’s life?  Can Steffy forgive herself?  Or will a decision made in a moment cost Steffy and Liam more than their baby’s life.  Will they also lose their marriage as a result?

    As Bill told Taylor, Steffy and Liam will get through this together – if they are given the chance.  Viewers were made very aware that Liam chose to be with Steffy because she was pregnant with his child.  All other things being equal he probably would have married Hope in Brooke’s room service elopement.

    Regardless how you look at it, Steffy being pregnant was a barrier to Hope and Liam being together.  That barrier is now gone.

    Will Hope make a move on Liam?

    Can Liam and Steffy get past this tragedy as a couple? Their first hurdle is to get past assigning blame.  But that isn’t their only obstacle.  Hope is unlikely to sit back and let the couple heal.  She is far more likely to take steps to right a perceived wrong – and try to take back what Steffy stole from her.  Liam.



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