Is Katie Really The Victim? And Brooke the Villain? |The Bold and the Beautiful

The current Bold and the Beautiful love triangle storyline between Katie, her husband, Bill Spencer, and her sister, Brooke has cast Brooke as the villain, and Katie as the victim.

On the surface this seems like a fair assessment. Brooke did after all sleep with Katie’s husband, Bill. And Brooke’s history when it comes to men isn’t one of self denial, a fact that Taylor has been very happy to remind everyone of. Read more about Brooke’s inappropriate relationships:

But it really isn’t that black and white.

It doesn’t really consider HOW Brooke and Bill fell for each other. Katie was instrumental in making that happen. It was in fact her goal. One she achieved. True, Katie was suffering from post partum depression at the time. But that wasn’t the only time that Katie handed Bill over to Brooke.

Taylor, who has been heavily into Brooke vendetta mode, planted a bug in Katie’s ear about her husband and sister spending too much time together. Taylor stirred that pot until Katie snapped when she found Bill in Brooke’s bedroom. Bill had spent the night to avoid a DUI conviction after having an accident with Brooke.

Yes, Bill and Brooke were attracted to each other, but they had not crossed the line. Katie pushed them over that line. Katie made many demands of Bill – some reasonable, some not – that had placed a strain on her and Bill’s marriage. Brooke on the other hand seemed to accept Bill as he was.

So when a furious Katie returned her wedding rings to Bill and told him to go be with her sister. That’s what he did. Bill and Brooke crossed that line, but it wasn’t in flagrant disregard for his marriage. They both thought the marriage was over. Katie had said so, very convincingly.

Bill and Brooke gave in to temptation and made love only moments after Katie ended her marriage. Katie suffered a cardiac event and ended up in the hospital. When she regained consciousness she wanted her rings, and her husband, back.

Brooke set her feelings aside and sent Bill back to be with his wife and son. Bill and Brooke kissed goodbye and vowed to keep what happened between them a secret. Bill recommitted to his marriage. Katie was effusively apologetic for doubting both Bill and Brooke’s loyalty, and the guilt of Bill and Brooke’s secret ate away at them.

What neither Bill nor Brooke realized was there were consequences to their little romp. Brooke is pregnant!

Again, Katie appears to be the victim. Can Katie’s heart take learning the truth? Given Katie’s history in learning distressing news and suffering some kind of cardiac event as a result, odd say no.

Read about Katie’s cardiac history.

Brooke again seems to be the natural villain in this twist in the story also, until you remember that Katie, too is no stranger to Brooke’s predicament.

After her heart transplant it was thought that Katie wasn’t going to make it. Her family rallied to make Katie’s last days the best days of her life. Katie’s niece Bridget (Brooke’s daughter) gave more than most. Katie had fallen for Nick who was seeing Bridget at the time. Bridget knew this and thinking it was a harmless crush she organized Nick to be Katie’s knight in shining armor for the last days of her life.

On what Nick thought would be Katie’s last day, Nick took her to Catalina and they made love on the beach. Katie however, didn’t die. Bridget saved her aunt with an experimental gene therapy. Katie went on to officiate at Bridget and Nick’s wedding.

Nick and Bridget’s marriage however was short lived when Katie announced she was pregnant with Nick’s baby…

At the end of the day, Brooke did sleep with her brother in law. She and Bill did cross a line. Katie, however, has to accept some responsibility for her part in pushing them together. Perhaps her own indiscretion against her niece with Nick Marone will make Katie more understanding when the truth comes out.

But who the victim and villains are in this love triangle isn’t so black and white. Which is good, because its the shades of grey that make for an interesting soap opera storyline.


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