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    From the moment Steffy checked that pregnancy test and discovered she was pregnant, long-time fans of the Bold and the Beautiful, suspected that Steffy and Liam’s baby would not be born. The pregnancy was merely a plot device designed to keep the soap operas star crossed lovers, Hope and Liam apart just a little bit longer.

    The Baby Loss Red Herring

    When Hope and Steffy argued and Hope lost her temper shoving Steffy into her desk, taking the hit squarely on her pregnant belly (before anyone knew she was pregnant) viewers were left to wonder over a weekend whether Steffy would lose her baby as a result of Hope’s temper.

    Having Hope responsible for the loss of Liam and Steffy’s child would add an interesting twist to the love triangle. Monday came, however, and Steffy and the Spencer heir were unscathed by Hope’s attack.

    It had merely been a baby loss red herring.

    Steffy Lost Her Baby

    When tragedy did strike, the set of circumstances portrayed only added to the drama;

    Steffy’s impetuous decision to ride her motorbike to get home to Liam through traffic, her terrified stare as a car pulled out in front of her, and then Steffy’s memory issues immediately after regaining consciousness that had her unaware she was even pregnant.

    Steffy’s Grief

    Steffy’s grief had her blaming herself for the tragedy immediately. Initially Steffy withdrew. Then her grief turned to outright sorrow and finally pure anger when she took a baseball bat to her wrecked motorbike. Underlying it all was Steffy’s inability to forgive herself. Taylor told her daughter that she had to find a way to forgive herself otherwise her grief would paralyze her.

    The only thing that seemed to give Steffy any peace was thinking about becoming pregnant again…

    Liam’s Grief

    Liam is a husband who has had to be strong for his wife in the wake of a tragedy that he blames her for – at least on some level. Bill counseled his son well, telling Liam that his wife couldn’t hear his words of blame right now. Which didn’t leave Liam anyone to talk to.

    Except Hope.

    Liam told Hope that it was nice to have her to confide in. There was so much he couldn’t talk to Steffy about at the moment. The issue of blame was driving a wedge between Liam and Steffy. Not to mention that neither Taylor, nor Steffy, really consulted Liam about whether he wanted to have another baby immediately.

    Hope Takes Advantage

    And Hope took advantage. Of course he would be there to see Steffy through this tragedy, Hope told Liam. But Hope couldn’t keep her own agenda out of the conversation. And Hope too started making assumptions.

    The reason that Liam married Steffy no longer existed. And Steffy wanting to get pregnant again is just Steffy’s desperate attempt to keep him. He was free to choose the life he wanted to live, Hope told Liam. Hope told Liam she would be there for him and the two shared a kiss.

    Hope was putting the moves on Liam while he was still grieving the loss of his baby with another woman. Hope’s high moral fiber was nowhere to be seen.  And if truth be told, Hope was exhibiting the same behavior that her mother, Brooke, was also engaging in – in trying to convince Eric Forrester to destroy his relationship with Taylor and claim to be the father of Brooke’s baby!

    Has Hope lost Liam to Steffy one too many times? Is she adopting her mother’s playbook? The one that had Brooke successfully lure Ridge away from Taylor on more than one occasion? It sure looks like it.


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