The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: May 20 – 24, 2013

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    Its May sweeps, so expect some juicy storylines, twists and turns over the coming weeks!

    Steffy and Liam’s idyllic marriage hits a rough patch; Brooke has a plan and it involves Eric; Taylor is jealous and concerned for Steffy and Liam; Rick and Maya are over…

    The text below contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already  happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.

    Brooke and Eric

    Brooke ask Eric for something that requires a large sacrifice on his part.  Eric isn’t sure about Brooke’s request to be her baby daddy. Rick and Bridget tease Brooke about cosying up to their dad. Brooke, Eric, Bridget and Rick have a “family” dinner and reflect on their past as a family.

    Taylor notices Brooke and Eric spending time together and how well they are getting on.  The green eyed monster attacks Taylor!

    Brooke reacts when she sees the dates for her Brookes’ Bedroom lingerie line tour.  Let me guess she’ll be showing by then!  Rick and Hope don’t understand what the problem is

    Hope, Steffy and Liam

    Steffy has trouble seeing Hope and Liam together.

    Hope wonders about the future of Liam and Steffy’s marriage, which is clearly under pressure.  When Liam and Hope spend time alone, Liam kisses Hope!

    Steffy and Liam’s marriage hits a rough patch.  Taylor realizes her daughter and son in law have issues to work through.  Taylor has a warning for Hope, but it falls on deaf ears.  Taylor comforts her daughter.

    Maya, Rick, Caroline

    Rick focuses on his work after his break-up with Maya – presumably Maya bucked under Dollar Bill Spencer’s threat to send her back to jail if she didn’t stay away from Rick

    Maya confides in Carter about Bill’s actions

    Allison helps Bill keep Maya in line.


    Donna knowing about Brooke’s secrets finds it difficult to be around Katie.

    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – May Sweeps

    Steffy and Liam’s marriage is not longer idyllic and suffers under the pressure.

    An unexpected occurrence shocks Hope, Liam and Steffy and changes their futures. Liam ponders a question – No not again!  Don’t ever ask Liam to choose or make a decision!

    Bill seemingly has put his and Brooke’s dalliance behind him and is looking towards a future with his wife and son.  Brooke, however, may not be able to forget so easily, or keep their secret…

    A secret weighs heavily on Brooke.  A visit from Bridget may help.

    A new life begins and another life ends.  Is this literal or figurative?  Brooke’s pregnancy hints that it could be a literal spoiler in which case is the life that ends baby STEAM’s?

    Caroline’s attempts to meddle in Rick and Maya’s relationship aren’t working. Uncle Bill to the rescue.

    New blood arrives into the Forrester. Logan. Spencer circle in the form of a handsome man and beautiful woman.  The man is named Rafael and the woman?  Julie Spencer.

    Julie Spencer joins the rest of the Spencer clan.

    Look for Bridget Forrester (Ashley Jones)to return to our screens for a 3-4 episode stint.  And she’s not just coming to sit in the back row of a wedding or funeral.  The actress has stated that there is some fun stuff related to Bridget’s mom, Brooke that brings her onto the screen…

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