The Bold and the Beautiful: The Hope, Liam, and Steffy Love Triangle May 2013

After a day of planning the baby nursery Steffy heads out to visit Thomas at the beach house while Liam grills their dinner…

Steffy and Liam Return from their Honeymoon in Aspen

Steffy and Liam enjoyed an idyllic honeymoon in Aspen and returned to Los Angeles to await the birth of their baby.

Steffy returned to work and found Hope in her office dropping off some Hope for the Future promotional material.  Steffy tried to make peace with Hope, but Hope was still too angry with Steffy for all she had stolen from her.

Steffy visits Thomas

With Steffy now visibly pregnant, Steffy and Liam began preparing for life with baby in earnest.  They spent a day decorating the baby’s nursery.  Liam planned for them to end the day with a barbecue, but first Steffy took a drive  down the Pacific Coast Highway to visit Thomas in his new digs – Taylor’s old beach house.  Thomas had moved in with Oliver since Taylor was now living with Eric in the Forrester Mansion.

Beach Party

At the beach house Thomas and Oliver were entertaining the three spokes models (Hope, Maya and a third model)  for the Hope for the Future line at a beach party.  Just prior to Steffy’s arrival, Hope had told Thomas she was leaving.  She wasn’t in the mood for a party and she didn’t want to stay and say something mean about his sister.

Thomas understood.  Hope headed out back to get her purse.  She planned to leave the back way, but Steffy arrived….

Hope overhears Steffy tell Thomas talking

Hope tells Steffy she wishes Steffy, Liam and their baby nothing but the best. Steffy is moved by Hope’s unhappiness and her wishes. Steffy hugs Hope.

Hope listened and Steffy told her brother about planning the baby’s nursery and life as a married lady. This was the happiest she had been in her life, Steffy gushed unaware that Hope was listening to every word.

Thomas headed back to the beach and Steffy went outside with him intending to leave.  Hope came back into the living room, sat on the sofa and broke down into tears.  Steffy’s obvious happiness to much for Hope to bear.  Unfortunately for Hope, Steffy came back inside. Steffy was visibly upset for Hope’s level of distress and understood immediately that Hope had overheard Steffy talking to Thomas.

Hope took the opportunity to tell Steffy that yes she was still hurt and angry about what she perceived Steffy had taken away from her, but she wouldn’t give her life over to it.  It would take time, but Hope would move on.  Hope then told Steffy that she wished nothing but the best for Steffy, Liam and their baby.

Hope makes peace with Steffy

Steffy was moved and gave her step-sister a hug.

Thomas returned and told Steffy that she probably wasn’t going anywhere for a while.  PCH was backed up with bumper to bumper traffic because of an accident.  Hope told Steffy she could wait with her, but Steffy wanted to get home to Liam and their planned barbeque.  She’d rather sit in traffic knowing she was underway, and headed out.

Steffy gets on her motorbike

A traffic jam on PCH means a looong drive home – unless Steffy takes her bike…

Out in the garage, however, Steffy spied her bike, which Thomas was holding onto for Steffy until after the baby was born (after riding her motorbike up the aisle, Steffy promised Liam that she wouldn’t ride the bike again until after the baby was born).

Steffy has an accident on her motorbike

Steffy knew the bike would allow her to get home to Liam faster.  Impulsively, she grabbed her helmet and leather jacket and jumped on the bike.  Steffy wove in and out of traffic on PCH until a car pulled out in front of her.  Steffy careened into the car and was thrown onto the road – hard.  She was unconscious as sirens sounded in the distance.

Liam received a phone call at home, thinking it was Steffy he answered:  Still stuck in traffic?  But the caller wasn’t Steffy.  It was Mr Meade.  Steffy had been in an accident and was in the ER.

Steffy lost the baby

Liam rushed to the ER to get the news on Steffy’s condition from Dr Meade.  Steffy had no broken bones but did have a concussion.  Liam went and sat with his unconscious wife wondering what she was doing on that motorbike, but quickly deciding that getting Steffy better was all that mattered right now.  Steffy and the baby.

Liam turned to Dr Meade.  He hadn’t mentioned anything about their baby.  Was their baby alright a teary Liam asked.  Dr Meade hesitated then told Liam that there was no evidence of a heart beat.  Steffy hit the road hard and the baby likely died on impact.  Liam cried over his unconscious wife and Dr Meade left to call Taylor.

Hope was with Thomas when he received the phone call about Steffy’s accident.  Hope drove him to the hospital and offered to leave if it was too weird having her there.  Bill Spencer told her she should stay.

Steffy and Liam grieve for their baby

Taylor and Liam were with Steffy when she finally regained consciousness after having a “procedure”. Steffy had no recollection of the accident and clearly didn’t remember being pregnant.  Dr Meade explained that memory issues were common with subsequent concussions, even if the concussion itself wasn’t serious.

Forgive yourself. Don’t Blame yourself. It was an accident. Taylor’s advice for a withdrawn Steffy

Liam was then left with the unenviable task of quizzing Steffy about their life together finally ending with the events of the current day.  As soon as Steffy remembered she was pregnant she immediately understood that she’d lost her baby and broke down.

Steffy internalized her grief, not eating or talking.  Taylor worried about Steffy being so withdrawn and begged her daughter to forgive herself.

Liam blames Steffy for the loss of their child

Meanwhile, Liam was at home preparing a bag of clothes for Steffy.  She was coming home.  Bill stopped by and told his son that he didn’t have to be strong in front of him.  Strong for his wife, yes.  But, not for him.  Bill encouraged Liam to get his feelings out about Steffy’s reckless decision to get on her motorbike when she’d promised she wouldn’t.  Liam clearly blamed Steffy for the loss of their child.

Bill comforted his son, then told him that whenever he needed to give voice to that blame Liam was to talk to him.  He could take it.  Steffy could not hear those words right now.  Bill also advised his son that he couldn’t hold what happened against his wife.

Steffy withdrew

When Liam arrived at the hospital, Steffy finally spoke.  She told Liam she was so sorry for getting on that bike when she promised she wouldn’t.  Steffy clearly also blamed herself for the loss of their child.  Liam held his grieving wife, and they prepared for her to go home.

The road home wasn’t easy thought.  Liam brought Steffy maternity pants to wear, and as they pulled up into the drive way of the Malibu house, Liam remembered that a delivery of baby things from Bill was still in the house.  Steffy didn’t want to see it and waited in the car as Liam went to remove the painful reminders of what they’d lost.

Steffy lets out her anger and grief

While waiting in the car, Steffy spied her wrecked bike in the garage. It had been delivered earlier as Thomas and Taylor were returning Steffy’s car to the Malibu house.  Thomas told the tow truck driver to put the bike in the garage out of sight.  The flaw in that theory?  They left the garage door open.

Steffy went into the garage and in a fit of grief pummeled the bike with a baseball bat before falling to her knees clutching her stomach and apologizing to her lost baby and telling him how much she loved him.

Steffy and Liam continued to grieve.  Steffy blamed herself and couldn’t understand why Liam wasn’t as angry at her as she was at herself.  Liam took Bill’s advice and simply told his wife that anger wouldn’t achieve anything.

Another baby for Liam and Steffy?

Taylor attended Steffy’s follow-up ob-gyn appointment with Liam and Steffy.  Taylor was the one that asked the doctor how long it would be before Steffy and Liam could try getting pregnant again.  Steffy was initially horrified, but by the time she got home the idea had taken root and Steffy told Liam she wanted to have another baby as soon as possible.  It would help them move on, Steffy reasoned.

Taylor warns Hope to stay away

Taylor high tailed it over to Hope’s office and warned Hope to stay away from Liam.  Let Liam and Steffy grieve in peace, Taylor advised.  If you don’t you’ll just get hurt again, Taylor told Hope.  Steffy and Liam are talking about getting pregnant again as soon as possible.

Taylor was a little late however.  Hope had already been in touch with Liam and was texting him to meet her for a talk.

Hope and Liam meet

Liam got Steffy settled at home for a nap, and then went “out”.  Steffy didn’t know where, she told Taylor.  Taylor then told Steffy that she’d warned Hope off.  Steffy didn’t think it would do much good.  And she was right.  Because her husband was crying on Hope’s shoulder.

Hope kisses Liam

Hope was initially supportive of Liam but soon enough reminded Liam that he’d only committed his life to Steffy because she was pregnant.  And that Steffy wanting to get pregnant again was just Steffy trying to hold onto Liam. Hope reminded Liam that the reason for Liam marrying Steffy no longer existed, and once he got Steffy past this tragedy, he was free to choose the life he wanted….she loved him, Hope told Liam as she kissed him.

Steffy finds closure?

Liam arrived home to find Steffy taking Taylor’s advice.  She was putting some of the baby’s things into a treasure box – a keepsake of the baby they’d lost.



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