Will Steffy Lose her Baby? The Bold and the Beautiful

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    Steffy made a bad choice. The consequences of that choice could be devastating.

    Steffy visits Thomas at the beach house

    After a day of planning the baby nursery Steffy heads out to visit Thomas at the beach house while Liam grills their dinner…

    Steffy left Liam at home preparing homemade barbeque sauce to accompany the ribs he was going to grill for their dinner.  Steffy ducked down PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) for a quick visit to Thomas who had just moved into Taylor’s beach house.

    Steffy arrived to visit her bro, just as a melancholy Hope went to another room to grab her bag to leave.  She was putting a downer on the surf party Oliver and Thomas had organized for the three models of the Hope to the Future line.

    Hope overhears Steffy and Thomas talking

    Steffy and Thomas spoke openly about how happy she was and how this is the best time of her life.  She and Liam had been planning the baby nursery and he was waiting at home for her with dinner.  Thomas told his sister she wouldn’t be doing any surfing anyway and she should get back to her doting husband.

    What neither Thomas nor Steffy realized was that Hope had heard their entire conversation.  And it hurt for her to hear Steffy talking up the life Hope thought she should be living.

    Thomas and Steffy headed outside and Hope came back into the living room and sat down, breaking down into tears.  Then Steffy came back inside.  Steffy realized that Hope had heard everything that she and Thomas had been talking about and that Hope was hurt by her happiness.

    Hope tells Steffy she wishes Steffy, Liam and their baby nothing but the best. Steffy is moved by Hope’s unhappiness and her wishes. Steffy hugs Hope.

    Steffy can’t get home

    Thomas and Oliver arrived and told Steffy she wasn’t going anywhere.  The PCH was gridlock due to an accident, they told her. Hope told Steffy to wait it out at the beach house, but Steffy felt better getting underway and being on the way home to Liam.

    Steffy and Hope have a heart to heart

    Hope confirmed that she had been avoiding Steffy because seeing Steffy living the life she should have had with Liam hurt too much.  She’s angry and a little lost, Hope told Steffy, but she wouldn’t held captive by her anger and negativity forever.  It would just take time.  Hope also told Steffy that she wished only the best for Liam, Steffy and their child.

    Steffy sat down next to Hope and gave her a hug. Then Steffy headed outside.

    Steffy eyes off her motor bike – a quick way to get through traffic

    A traffic jam on PCH means a looong drive home – unless Steffy takes her bike…

    Steffy checked the traffic alert app on her phone which confirmed the PCH was jammed.  Steffy looked back at the house, then at her bike, which Thomas was looking after for her while Steffy is pregnant and unable to ride it (Steffy agreed with Liam that she wouldn’t ride until after the baby was born).

    Steffy then threw caution and Liam’s concerns to the wind.  She grabbed her motorbike jacket and helmet and headed home dodging in and out of stalled traffic.

    A car pulled out in front of Steffy causing an accident.  Meanwhile Liam was at home preparing dinner for his wife.  Just as Steffy was careening into a car, Liam looked at the front door.  Did he sense something was wrong?  Or just worried that Steffy wasn’t home yet?

    At the hospital

    Will Steffy lose her and Liam’s baby?

    Next week’s spoilers have Steffy rushed to the hospital with head trauma.  Liam is visible distressed and Bill tells Taylor that Liam and Steffy will get through “this” together.  Steffy remains unconscious with Liam by her side.

    Will Steffy lose her baby? Maybe.  Maybe not.  But even if she doesn’t Steffy may face some issues in her marriage.  Liam and everyone else around Steffy has been adamant about Steffy not taking risks “in her condition”.  On their honeymoon in Aspen Liam even told Steffy no more motorbike riding or paragliding or generally taking risks until the baby is born.

    Yet that is precisely what Steffy did.  She made a bad choice.  How far reaching the consequences of that choice are as yet, unclear…


    1. Please don’t let Steffy lose her baby., herself., or Liam…, I am a big fan of Steffy! Don’t think I can watch Liam with Hope., they are too boring together!

    2. I don’t think steffy should lose her baby she and liam is great together they make you wach the bold everyday hope should get a life and stop worrying about liam he was hers now she should move on and get another that’s how things role in SOUTH AFRICA

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