Steffy hands Liam over to Hope on the Bold and the Beautiful

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    Steffy has cut a tragic figure on the Bold and the Beautiful for the past month.  She went from pregnant and blissfully happy one moment, telling Thomas that this was the happiest she’d ever been in her life, to a guilt driven depression over the loss of her and Liam’s baby after a motorcycle accident.

    Another baby!

    Steffy’s mood only lifted when Taylor asked Dr Caspary when Liam and Steffy could begin trying to have another baby.  Rather than dealing with her grief and guilt over the baby Steffy and Liam lost,  Steffy began to focus single mindedly on getting pregnant again. And everyone just assumed that Liam was on board; except Hope.  And Katie.

    Steffy collapsed after becoming upset then dizzy

    While visiting with Will, Katie questioned Steffy’s motive for wanting to get pregnant again. And whether Liam wanted to have another baby – with Steffy. After all, Liam had been standing at an altar with Hope as his bride when Steffy stopped their wedding with the news that she was pregnant with Liam’s baby.

    Steffy, who had been suffering fro

    m dizzy spells since coming home from the hospital became upset and began to feel faint.  Steffy passed out.  When Steffy regained consciousness Steffy admitted to still feeling woozy and Katie rushed Steffy to the hospital to see Dr Caspary.

    Steffy faces her loss

    Dr Caspary ran tests at the hospital and delivered the bad news. The obstetrics department of the hospital were of the opinion that Steffy wouldn’t be able to conceive again due to an uncommon reaction to her D&C.

    Steffy was devastated.  She had been counting on having another baby to overcome the grief and guilt associated with losing her and Liam’s first child. Now, that too, had been snatched away from her.

    Steffy isolates herself

    Steffy had Katie take her to her loft.  She told Liam she had work to do and wanted to do it without interruption.  When Taylor stopped by Liam and Steffy’s Malibu beach house Liam told Taylor that he didn’t buy it.  Something was going on with Steffy.  Taylor, too, was concerned and headed to the loft.

    Taylor told Steffy that she couldn’t keep blaming herself for the loss of her baby.  Steffy let Taylor believe that was what she was struggling with.  In reality, Steffy had spent the night coming to terms with the fact that if Liam was to have the family he wanted, then it wouldn’t be with her.

    Steffy’s inability to conceive again also made the loss she’d already suffered all the more heartbreaking.  Taylor once again assured her daughter that she and Liam would have a big beautiful family but that she needed to be with her husband right now, not pull away.

    Steffy told her mom, she was right.  There was someone else she had to see.  Taylor took this to mean that Steffy was heading home to her husband, but in reality Steffy headed elsewhere.

    Steffy hands Liam over to Hope

    Steffy headed over to Hope’s office.  She told Hope that she was going to do some travelling.  Hope took that to mean that Steffy was warning Hope to stay away from Liam while she was gone on business.  But Steffy quickly set her straight.

    Steffy was leaving forever she told a stunned Hope. Hope was the first to know, Steffy told her.  Take care of Liam, Steffy told Hope who seemed speechless and clueless as to what was going on with Steffy.

    I know what I’m doing, Steffy stated sadly.  You can give him what I can’t. Be good to him.

    Hope stood there dumbfounded.  Though Hope had made it clear that she expected Liam to return to her, she never imagined that Steffy would be the one walking out on her relationship with Liam rather than vice versa.

    On the up side.  At least viewers didn’t have to sit through another “Liam choses” saga…It looks like Steffy has made the choice for him.


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