Taylor Exposes Brooke’s Secret in a Last Stand on The Bold and the Beautiful

News that Hunter Tylo’s (Taylor Forrester) contract negotiations with the Bold and the Beautiful failed to sign the actress to another contract broke months ago.

Next week, on July 3, 2013, Taylor Forrester will appear on The Bold and the Beautiful for the last time. If there is one thing that Hunter Tylo and Taylor Forrester fans can be happy about it is that Bold and the Beautiful spoilers are indicating that Taylor goes out with a bang, and not a whimper.

In a last stand against romantic rival, Brooke Logan.

Taylor exposes Brooke’s affair with Bill

Spoilers have Taylor playing detective into Brooke’s life this week. She questions Eric and doesn’t get the answers she’s looking for so she goes straight to Brooke, who is taken aback by Taylor’s forwardness.

Taylor considers that Brooke is after Eric – which until recently was precisely Brooke’s plan.

Brooke’s plan, of course, changed when she suffered a miscarriage. Brooke, while getting over the loss of her baby, has thought that her secret – that she’d slept with her sister’s husband – was now safe.

But, as usual, Brooke is wrong.

Next week’s Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Taylor reveals Bill and Brooke’s affair – at Brooke’s birthday celebrations!

Taylors actions cost her…

It looks like Taylor will finally get a leg up on Brooke Logan. Except that there is collateral damage in her life. Taylor and Eric’s relationship suffers a serious blow when the couple has their first significant disagreement when they disagree about Taylor’s personal and professional ethics in how she publicly shamed Brooke.

Taylor, who has been deliriously happy with Eric for the past month has been espousing how wonderful it is to be in a relationship with a man that Brooke Logan has no hold over.

Now Taylor learns that is untrue. Brooke may not have been able to convince Eric to be the stand in father for her baby, but Eric has a loyalty for his former wife that Taylor didn’t count on.  Taylor walks out; ending Taylor’s long run as Brooke’s nemesis.

Brooke gets a new rival

Taylor’s departure does not mean that Brooke’s life will be easy, however.

By  spilling the news of Brooke sleeping with her brother in law, Taylor has left Brooke a parting gift. A new foe;  Brooke’s sister and Bill Spencer’s wife.



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