The Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke Logan Suffers a Missed Miscarriage

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    Did anyone see Brooke’s miscarriage coming?  It certainly seemed unlikely given that for the past month Steffy and Liam have been dealing with losing their baby.

    Brooke suffered a missed miscarriage. Does this mean her secret tryst with her sister’s husband can remain a secret? Unlikely…

    But lose her baby, Brooke did. With none of the drama that Brooke usually does things with.

    Brooke suddenly takes Eric’s advice…

    After weeks of Brooke trying to convince Eric to step up and be her baby daddy, Brooke suddenly backed down; amidst an elaborate recreation of Brooke and Eric’s honeymoon in the desert.

    Brooke suddenly saw the reason in Eric’s argument that Bill Spencer should know the truth about his child, regardless of what it did to Katie. Brooke headed over to Katie and Bill’s mansion to confess her and Bill’s sins and drop her baby bombshell.



    Brooke tries to tell Bill and Katie her news

    But Brooke arrived at the mansion to find a happy family scene and while trying to get the words out, Brooke suffered an anxiety attack, hyperventilated, and passed out. Katie and Bill rushed Brooke to the hospital where Dr. Caspary performed an ultrasound (unbeknownst to Katie and Bill) and told Brooke the bad news – she’d had what they called a missed miscarriage.

    There was no longer any need for Brooke to tell Katie about her affair with Katie’s husband. Let alone that she’d been pregnant.

    Brooke’s unremarkable miscarriage feels like a hurriedly written storyline. Perhaps to appease the Bold and the Beautiful fan base.

    Why did Brooke lose her baby?

    A good many fans were sent into an uproar when Brooke turned up pregnant with her brother-in-law’s baby and Steffy proceeded to lose her baby when she was well advanced in her pregnancy. Steffy and Liam’s baby loss was no first trimester miscarriage. This was a pregnancy, which had it not for Steffy’s choice to get on her motorcycle, would likely have gone to term.

    Steffy’s baby loss and Brooke’s unplanned late in life pregnancy had many Bold and the Beautiful fans vowing to get their dose of soap opera elsewhere.

    Did the Bold and the Beautiful listen to voice of its fans? It certainly seems like they may have.

    Brooke’s pregnancy was entwined in more than one storyline. In fact you could argue it was almost central for the ongoing summer and beyond storylines:

    Brooke’s pregnancy had the potential to send her sister Katie back to the hospital – Katie’s heart by her own admission is a little frail. Keeping her baby’s paternity a secret was of the utmost importance to Brooke, lest Katie find out that Brooke slept with Bill – Katie’s husband.

    Brooke’s condition also put a spanner in the works of the Brooke’s Bedroom relaunch that she and Bill had worked so hard to convince Eric was the solution to Forrester Creations financial woes. Tension was added into that storyline last week when Brooke refused to model her own line knowing that shortly she would be showing and in no condition to model lingerie.

    And then there was the potential for renewed competition between Brooke and Taylor. Taylor has been happy with Eric over the past few months and noted on more than one occasion that she was glad Eric was over Brooke. Taylor, of course, was unaware that Brooke was busily trying to convince Eric to marry her and claim her unborn child as his own!

    Like it or not, Brooke’s pregnancy was intrinsic to many of the new storylines on the canvas. Yet it was suddenly pulled. The conflicts listed above are suddenly solved and with no real ongoing drama of note it makes me wonder exactly what we are going to be watching this summer. This certainly feels like a hurriedly pulled storyline.

    Did the fans have a hand in this? Or is it merely the result of the casting changes over recent weeks/months. It is after all hard for Brooke to have a rivalry with Taylor if Taylor is no longer there.


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