The Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy is Barren

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    Steffy and Liam’s marriage has suffered through the loss of their baby in a motorcycle accident.

    Steffy fell into a deep depression over the guilt of losing her baby through her impulsive decision to get on her motorbike while pregnant. Steffy’s grief paralyzed her until, thanks to Taylor, she was given something positive to focus on.

    Getting pregnant again.

    Steffy told a surprised Katie that she and Liam would have a baby soon. Katie questioned whether Liam felt that way as well. After all, he married her because she was pregnant. Until Liam knew Steffy was pregnant, he was about to put a ring on Hope’s finger.

    Steffy became distressed and ultimately passed out.

    Katie took Steffy to the hospital to see Dr Caspary.

    When Steffy passed out at home, Katie took her to the hospital. There they learned that Steffy had been bleeding internally. That problem was fixed, but a bigger problem was exposed – Due to scaring Steffy can no longer have children…

    Steffy thanked Katie and told her she could leave as she was being wheeled away for test. But Katie stayed. They were family and family doesn’t bail Katie told Steffy. Steffy asked Katie not to call Liam or her mom until they knew what she was dealing with.

    Katie told Steffy she knew what it was like to await tests and to be scared of the results. Walking around with a fragile heart wasn’t fun, Katie noted, but it beat the alternative.

    So Katie was on hand when Steffy learned the news.

    Steffy had been feeling dizzy because she had been suffering some internal bleeding that Dr Caspary took care of laparoscopically. She would need antibiotics and iron supplements for a couple of weeks.

    Steffy took this to mean that in a couple of weeks she and Liam could get busy making another baby. But Dr Caspary had more news for Steffy. She’d had an unusual reaction to her D&C and it was the opinion of the obstetrics department, after careful review of her lab results that she would no longer be able to conceive.

    Steffy is barren.

    And instead of facing the future with her husband, Steffy isolated herself in her loft.  Meanwhile, Liam was quietly dealing with his grief, also without his wife. He felt he couldn’t sad with Steffy because she would continue to blame herself for the loss of their child. So Liam, instead, turned to Hope for support.


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