The Bold and the Beautiful: The Hope Liam and Steffy Love Triangle June 2013

Katie visits with Will

Liam takes Will to see Daddy at his office leaving Katie and Steffy alone….

June started with Katie bringing baby Will over to the Malibu beach house for a visit with Liam and Steffy.  Liam and his baby brother were clearly “tight” and both Steffy and Katie noted how good Liam was with Will.  Steffy told Katie that Liam was clearly ready to be a father and there would be a baby for them, soon.

Liam took baby Will for a visit to his Dad’s office leaving Steffy and Katie alone.  Katie expressed concern about Steffy wanting to get pregnant again so soon after her miscarriage and suggested that she was using another baby as a means of avoiding the issue.  Steffy told Katie that wasn’t true.  She made a mistake and now she is paying for it.  So is Liam Katie reminded Steffy.

Go home and make a baby

Meanwhile, at Bill’s office Bill and Liam discuss Steffy wanting another baby. Liam isn’t sure.  Its not like they planned the first one – it kind of just happened.  But when it did, you were there.  Stay there, Bill advised his son.  Go home and make that baby and support your wife, Bill told Liam.

Steffy collapses – unconscious

Steffy collapsed after becoming upset then dizzy

Katie went on to ask Steffy if she was sure Liam wanted another baby – with her.  After all, he had been about to marry Hope when Steffy dropped her baby bombshell. Steffy became upset telling Katie that Liam was not with her out of obligation.  She was sure about that.  But Katie didn’t let up. Steffy asked Katie to leave because she was upsetting her.  A visibly distressed Steffy sat down on the sofa and began experiencing dizziness and then collapsed unconscious.


Katie takes Steffy to the hospital

Steffy regained consciousness but admitted to Katie that she still felt woozy. Katie took Steffy to the hospital to see Dr. Caspary her OB-GYN.  Once there, Dr Caspary ran some test.  Steffy thanked Katie and told her she could leave, but Katie wasn’t going anywhere.

They may not be the best of friends but they are family and family doesn’t bail, Katie told Steffy.  Besides, Katie knew exactly how scary it was to be in hospital waiting for test results that you didn’t want the answer to.  Steffy asked Katie not to call Liam or Taylor until they knew something was actually wrong.

Steffy Can’t have children

Steffy returned from her tests to learn that she’d been suffering from internal bleeding which accounted for both her weakness and dizziness Dr Caspary told her.  She would need antibiotics and iron supplements for a couple of weeks.

Steffy took that to mean that she and Liam would have to put their efforts to have another baby on hold for that time period.  But Dr. Caspary had more bad news.  She’d had an unusual reaction to her D&C, and after reviewing her lab results it was the opinion of the obstetrics department of the hospital that she wouldn’t be able to conceive again.


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