Days of our Lives: Kimberly Brady Returns to Salem

Kimberly Brady is headed home to Salem later in 2013. Is she home for the holidays? Or to straighten out wayward daughter, Jeannie “Theresa” Donovan?

Patsy Pease, who originated the role of Kimberly Brady on Days of our Lives, announced on her Facebook page last week that she was filming on the set of Days of our Lives.  So far Pease has been filming from July 17 – 19, 2013.  With Days of our Lives filming over 3 months in advance of what we are currently seeing on our TV screens we can expect to see Kimberly sometime in November.

Could Kim be coming home for Thanksgiving?  Or is the purpose of the visit to straighten out her daughter Theresa?

Theresa turned out to  be the “new” character that Jen Lilly was brought on board at Days of our Lives to bring to life. Theresa, it was revealed recently is the daughter of Shane Donovan and Kimberly Brady – Jeanne Theresa Donovan.

Not liking her given first name Theresa goes by her middle name which kept fans in the dark.

Theresa has certainly made an impression since arriving in Salem – mostly on the Devereaux family.  JJ was instantly smitten with the sexy brunette when she came to him to supply her with drugs.  JJ’s mother, Jennifer, however doesn’t share her son’s opinion of Shane and Kimberly’s daughter.

Jennifer found Theresa lounging in her living room and copped attitude from her when Jennifer enquired as to her identity.  Jennifer quickly threw Theresa out and reminded JJ he was grounded – no friends, no wifi, no screens and certainly no inappropriately aged women.

JJ tried to tell his mom that he knew Theresa from summer school but Jennifer noted that Theresa was no more in high school than she was.

Theresa Donovan has been up to no good since she arrived in Salem. How will she react to her mother arriving in town. They don’t appear to get on…Could Theresa be a Daddy’s Girl?

Later, Jennifer learned Theresa’s identity when she found her in her office at work.  Theresa announced she was Jennifer’s new assistant.  A fact that Aunt Kayla confirmed.   (Theresa also noted that she was no longer a teenager in a discussion with Kayla about making good use of her “last chance”, confirming Jennifer’s assumption about her age.

When Sami dropped by to visit she noted that her cousin kind of reminded her of her at that age giving Jennifer further cause for concern.  Sami’s early years were full of deceit, manipulations and schemes.

So Kimberly may be headed to Salem for a Thanksgiving celebration but it seems more likely that she will be involved in straightening out whatever mess her daughter has gotten herself into in Salem.

Kimberly and Theresa’s relationship has already been established as strained with Kimberly concerned about her daughter living up to and not shaming the “great Brady name.”  So the scenes between the two should be interesting!

And with a bit of luck we may see Theresa’s daddy, Shane Donovan (Charles Shaughnessy)  get in on the parenting action sometime in the future.


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