Days of our Lives Spoilers – July 22 – 26, 2013

Scandal rocks the school opening.  Can Kristen believe what Brady is telling her? Sami’s troubles once thought over, resurface…

The text below contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.

Kate and Rafe

Rafe learns what Sami did. Rafe wants Kate to tell him what happened between Sami and Bernardi.  Kate and everyone else is reluctant to answer Rafe’s questions.

Kate meanwhile wonders if Rafe will ever remember that they were romantically involved.

Eric and Nicole

Nicole is upset with EJ for telling Eric that Nicole was in love with him.  She gives EJ a blasting for his assertions.

Dr Dan has a new theory on who poisoned Father Eric.


Adrienne’s actions stun her husband and son.  There is fallout.

Kristen and Brady

Brady has decided to try again with Kristen.  Nicole and Eric aren’t thrilled by the idea. Kristen isn’t sure if she can trust Brady.  Is he pulling her leg?  Kristen’s ends up betraying Brady.  Does she release the sex tape?

Will and Sonny

Will confesses to Justin.


Sami is arrested  – again – thanks to Adrienne tattling about the video.   Abe arrests Sami at the school opening while Eric makes his speech adding scandal to that event.  Sami still has the support of her family but things don’t look good with the new evidence…

Theresa and JJ

Jennifer warns Theresa off JJ.  But Jennifer’s troubles with her new assistant may be far from over.  Is Theresa thinking about Dr Daniel now?

Down the Track on Days of our Lives:

Theresa is interested in one of Salem’s doctors – Dr Jonas.  It wouldn’t be the first time Dr Dan has romanced an inappropriately aged young woman – Remember Chelsea Brady?

Someone is headed home to Salem…

Someone else suffers a trauma – Chad is hit on the head!

Will and Sonny’s problems continue

Something is found at the Bernardi house – will it clear Sami? And tie Bernardi to the DiMera’s
Salem is rocked

Sami finds herself in hot water again.

Daniel tells Eric his diagnosis.  Eric is shocked.

Kimberly comes home to Salem to see her daughter, Theresa.



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