Days of our Lives Spoilers – July 29 – August 2, 2013

The text below contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.

Kate and Rafe

Will Rafe help Marge get justice for Joe?

Kate needs a favor.

Eric and Nicole

Dr Dan has new information to try to help Eric


Adrienne finds herself on the outer with her family.  Sonny and Will are unforgiving of Adrienne’s actions.  Justin too doesn’t understand his wife.

Kristen and Brady

Kristen is desperate to keep a secret and pretends to be someone she isn’t to get what she wants (Mean Mean Mean…)

Will and Sonny

Sonny pleads with his father to help Sami.  Sonny cannot forgive his mother for what she had done though.

Will and Sonny may be together but Will still fears he is holding Sonny back.


Chad makes a confession to Justin – he made the video but Chad keeps Abigail out of it.  Confession should ease the soul but Chad suffers a headache instead.  Chad has tests – a CT scan.  The results don’t put Cameron’s mind at rest. He has bad news for Chad.  Seems like the hit Chad received on the head had some consequences.  His brain has been affected!  Stefano tries to get back into his son’s good books.  Stefano promises he wasn’t behind sending Bernardi in to kill Rafe.


Someone works out what JJ is up to.  Nicole becomes a thorn in JJ’s side.


Theresa wants the scoop on Dr Daniel Jonas and does some snooping to get answers.  Daniel wonders what Theresa is up to.

EJ and Sami

EJ provided comfort and good news to Sami who is having a hard time.  Abe and Kayla come up with something that may help Sami, but a new witness at Sami’s bail hearing may stand between Sami and freedom.

Lucas and Will are supportive of Sami.


Abe and Kayla come up with something that may help Sami.

Nick tries to get back in Rafe’s good books while Maggie worries about Nick.

Down the Track on Days of our Lives Spoilers:

Theresa is interested in one of Salem’s doctors – Dr Jonas.  It wouldn’t be the first time Dr Dan has romanced an inappropriately aged young woman – Remember Chelsea Brady?  Or is Theresa interested in another man?

Someone is headed home to Salem…

Someone else suffers a trauma – Chad is hit on the head!

Will and Sonny’s problems continue

Will Adrienne’s betrayal of their son end her marriage to Justin?

Something is found at the Bernardi house – will it clear Sami? And tie Bernardi to the DiMera’s

Evidence goes AWOL.
Salem is rocked

Daniel tells Eric his diagnosis.  Eric is shocked.

Marlena and Kristen come face to face – catfight?  Or just more verbal banter…?

Kimberly comes home to Salem to see her daughter, Theresa.

Kristen DiMera leaves Salem!



  1. […] Davidson’s final tape date is reported to have been July 16, 2013.  Because Days of our Lives tapes episodes well in advance of air dates the character of Kristen will reportedly be seen on our TV screens through to the end of the year! Eileen Davidson may be gone but Kristen still has plenty up her sleeve.  Look for her to don a disguise this week – of one of the other three characters Eileen Davidson has portrayed on Days of our Lives during her last run as Kristen DiMera – 14 years ago.  Hint:  That Kristen is just mean, mean, mean… […]

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