Katie Logan Spencer Fires Bill Spencer on The Bold and the Beautiful!

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Bill Spencer has proven to be powerful, in control and not above manipulating other people’s lives if their choices didn’t suit him. This week on The Bold and the Beautiful, however, the tables were turned on Dollar Bill Spencer.

Bill tried to buy Katie’s forgiveness by buying her a diamond tiara to match a necklace and earrings he’d given her previously when he messed up

Despite Taylor spilling the beans on Bill and Brooke’s secret affair Bill has been confident that he and wife Katie were not over. Bill thought that his usual modus operandi of buying Katie something sparkly, in this case a diamond tiara would bring Katie round and all would be forgiven.

Bill loses control…

But Bill was wrong.

This time Bill got what was coming to him.

Katie was out for revenge. And she had precisely the means to execute it.

The first step in Katie’s revenge was to divorce Bill Spencer. Katie served Bill with divorce papers. All Katie wanted in the settlement was 1% of Spencer Publications and for Bill to move out of the house.

Bill received advice from legal eagle buddy, Justin, to sign the settlement before Katie decided to ask for more. When an 11th hour plea for Katie to reconsider failed, Bill did just that. He signed the divorce settlement.

This was all Katie needed to put the second part of her plan into action. Karen Spencer arrived to help.

Katie had assured Bill she wouldn’t try to take his son away from him. But what she didn’t tell him was she was going after something that meant almost as much to him as his family.

Bill has the tables turned on him…

Unbeknownst to Bill, while he had been busy getting busy with Katie’s sister, Brooke, Katie had been busy forming a friendship and mutual admiration society with Bill’s sister, Karen.

With 1% of Spencer Publications that Katie received in the divorce settlement, Karen was now the majority shareholder of Spencer Publications, she announced to her flummoxed brother. He’d lost a good woman in Katie; one with an astute business mind, Karen told her brother.

Katie told Bill she was sorry. Karen had appointed her CEO of Spencer Publications effective immediately. And Katie’s first order of business was to clean house.

“You’re fired!” Katie told a speechless Bill….


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