Katie’s Revenge against Bill: The Bold and the Beautiful

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    Since finding out that her husband, Bill, slept with her sister, Brooke, Katie Spencer has been hurt and angry.  And Daytime Emmy winner, Heather Tom, has shown again why she has taken home awards in every acting category.  She has also probably set up her win for next year’s awards also.

    Bill and Katie’s marriage has faced many challenges, mostly of Bill’s making.  Each time Katie’s frail heart seems to have put her in hospital at death’s door.  Faced with losing his wife, Bill has repented, Katie has forgiven him and they have moved on with their marriage; until the next time Bill does something stupid.

    Not this time.

    Katie didn’t clutch her chest and collapse.  She found the strength to tell her cheating husband and sister that enough is enough.  Sure she has given Bill back his rings before only to change her mind and beg for them back, but not this time.

    Bill asks for forgiveness

    Bill tried to buy Katie’s forgiveness by buying her a diamond tiara to match a necklace and earrings he’d given her previously when he messed up

    Bill did ask Katie to forgive him but also told her that as the matchmaker that pushed Bill and Brooke together, ultimately she too bore some responsibility for what happened.  Bill’s reasoning only fuelled Katie’s anger.  She would share responsibility for the problems in their marriage, Katie told Bill, but he bore full responsibility for his actions.

    Bill chose to sleep with Brooke.

    Katie threw Bill out of their house.  Bill went to a hotel and then to bunked with Liam.  Bill told his son that Katie just needed time to blow off steam and that he didn’t accept it was over for him and Katie.  By the time the day was done, Bill told his son, nor will Katie.

    Liam wasn’t sure that enough time had passed but watched as a forever cocky, Bill headed to see his estranged wife – bearing a diamond tiara as a gift.

    It turned out Liam was right.

    Katie wants a divorce

    Katie told Bill that he couldn’t buy her forgiveness.  She told him their old pattern wouldn’t work any more.

    You mess up, you buy me something sparkly, and I look the other way, Katie accused her husband.  It was an accusation hard for Bill to deny since Katie already owns the necklace and earrings that match the tiara!

    She no longer trusted him and she couldn’t be with a man she didn’t trust.  Katie announced that she wanted a divorce.

    And Revenge…

    But unbeknownst to Bill just yet is that Katie’s anger runs a lot deeper than simply wanting to cut him out of her life with a divorce.  Katie wants to hurt Bill.  And she goes after what means the most to him.

    His business.

    With Karen, Bill’s sister as an ally sets a plan for revenge in motion.  Katie and Karen work together to oust Bill as CEO of Spencer Publications.

    Then to add salt to the wound Katie steps in to the top job and takes over the running of Spencer Publications.

    Leaving Bill with nothing.  No wife, no family and no job.  You can bet that won’t be the end of it though.  Dollar Bill Spencer is not a man to be steamrollered.

    How did Katie take Katie oust Bill as CEO of his own company?


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