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    Wyatt Fuller (Darin Brooks) was introduced to viewers with nothing to hide.  Literally.  Hope ran into the newest member of the Spencer clan while walking in the woods at Big Bear.  He was naked.

    Hope ran into a naked Wyatt in the woods at Big Bear. Wyatt was talking a solar shower. Hope was taking a picture…

    For a moment Hope lost her serious persona and displaying a bit of girlish whimsy took at photo of the naked guy.  Hope turned and fled when her phone’s “click” alerted Wyatt to her presence.

    Hope fell and knocked herself unconscious and was kissed awake by her new prince.  Clearly Wyatt was being set up as a new third member of a Hope and Liam love triangle, with the departure of Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood)

    Wyatt – Son of Quinn

    We soon learned that Wyatt was the only son of Quinn Fuller, an artisan jewelry designer.  His father had died as a baby, or son his mother had told him.  Quinn had also told her son that he was better off without him as he’d been a materialistic and selfish man.

    And that could have been the end of Wyatt’s backstory, if Hope hadn’t noticed the sword necklace Wyatt wore when he pulled back from kissing her at Rick’s 4th of July party.

    Wyatt Wears the Spencer Sword

    The sword necklace was identical to the one Liam and Bill Spencer wore.  When questioned about the necklace Wyatt told Hope that his mother had designed the piece and he’d found it in her safe, liked it, and decided to wear it.

    Quinn wasn’t thrilled that her son was wearing the necklace.  It was one of her earliest pieces and wasn’t indicative of the quality of her work now, she told Wyatt.  But when questioned about it further and if she’d ever made one for Bill Spencer, Quinn became agitated and secretive.

    Hope and Wyatt wondered if Bill and Quinn knew each other.  Hope had a feeling that Bill Spencer may actually be Wyatt’s father, so she arranged to have lunch with Bill and Liam at the same restaurant that Quinn would also bring his mother to.

    Wyatt – Son of Bill Spencer

    Bill and Quinn recognized each other immediately and after Bill approached the table where Wyatt and Quinn were having lunch.

    The encounter led to an argument outside the restaurant.  Yes, Wyatt was his son.  But Quinn felt no regret in keeping the two apart.  Wyatt was better off without a father whose only interest in him had been to pay for an abortion.

    Wyatt was the biggest loser in this reveal.  He learned that his mother had been lying to him his entire life and instead of being dead, his father had been living across town  and running Spencer Publications.  When Wyatt does learn his father is Bill Spencer he’s also faced with the news that his father had wanted him dead before he’d even been born.

    Understandably an angry Wyatt got in his green truck and drove off.  Conveniently, Liam was leaving the restaurant at the same time and pulled up where Bill and Quinn were continuing their “discussion”.  Bill jumped in Liam’s car and the duo followed Wyatt to Quinn’s warehouse.

    Who is Wyatt Fuller?

    Bill and Liam talk to Wyatt who has just learned he’s a Spencer!

    Inside, Bill tried to convince his son that he should get to know him and that he wanted to know Wyatt.  But Wyatt was just interested in leaving (he was heading to the woods camping so he didn’t have to face his mother).

    Wyatt gave Bill a run down on who he is:

    Hi favorite ice cream is rocky road, he likes the color read he enjoys camping and studying Spanish.  He runs the business side of his mother’s jewelry line and he does it really well.

    When Quinn arrived, there was yet another argument.  The upshot was Wyatt left Quinn’s studio/loft with Liam and headed over to Liam’s place where the three of them engaged in some manly bonding by the sea.

    We also learned more about Wyatt in this setting.  Wyatt drinks scotch.  Neat.  Just like Bill.  And eats his steak rare.  Just like Bill.

    It was hard not to notice the similarities in preferences that Bill and Wyatt share.  Traits that Bill and Liam do not.

    Wyatt – Brother of Liam

    Wyatt may have been introduced as a new third in a Hope and Liam love triangle but by giving Wyatt ties to the Spencer family and making Liam his instant brother, the triangle has a new dimension.

    Not only could the two brothers’ be competing for the hand of the fair maiden, Hope, but there is a very real possibility that they could be competing to be the favored son.  Liam may have the advantage of knowing Bill better on his side, but Wyatt is clearly being positioned as having more in common with Dollar Bill Spencer.


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