Will Katie Forgive Bill for Cheating with Brooke?

Taylor may have delivered the news to Katie that Bill, Katie’s husband, slept with Brooke, Katie’s sister, in a most unprofessional manner (Taylor was Katie’s psychiatrist), but Katie’s response to Bill and Brooke’s betrayal was on the money.

After clearing the guests from her home where Katie had been hosting her sister’s birthday party, the first thing out of Katie’s mouth was to silence Bill and Brooke.

“Not one word.” Katie fumed. “If either of you say one word about this being my fault, I swear I will scream!” Katie told her sister and husband.

Katie of course was referring to Bill and Brooke’s justification for their affair.

Bill and Brooke had been using Katie pushing Bill and Brooke together whilst suffering from post partum depression, and again when Bill spent the night at Brooke’s house as the rationalization for them giving in to their feelings.

Bill tried to tell his wife that there were no innocents in this situation. That she too had played a part in what had happened, by once again walking out on him and going so far as to tell him that Brooke was better for him that Katie could ever be.

Katie wasn’t hearing it though. She took off her wedding rings again to illustrate her point. Just because her rings came off her finger didn’t mean Bill was a free man. And Katie’s words and actions were not powerful enough to make him jump into bed with her sister, a furious Katie told her cheating husband.

Her post partum depression was brutal and ugly but how dare he use it as an excuse. How dare he use it against her, Katie railed. She was sick.


Bill asked that Katie forgive him. He wasn’t proud of what happened but Bill also didn’t think it was completely incomprehensible. Say you’ll forgive me, Bill asked of Katie at the same time insisting that Katie take some responsibility for what happened between him and Brooke.

Katie, held her ground however and responded instead by throwing Bill out of their home and Brooke out of her life.

So far, Katie has been too angry to even consider forgiving Bill or Brooke.

If the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers are any indication that forgiveness may be a long time coming. Katie looks set to serve Bill with divorce papers in the coming week and Bill’s legal eagle buddy, Justin, advises Dollar Bill to sign, before his angry wife demands more in the settlement….


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