Steffy won’t give Liam an Annulment on The Bold and the Beautiful

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    Anyone who watched the Bold and the Beautiful last time Liam divorced Steffy won’t be surprised by what transpired last week.  Steffy sent word to Liam that she wouldn’t annul their marriage this time any more than she would last time.  Yet, like last time Liam and Steffy’s marriage fell apart, Liam and Hope have been planning their wedding, almost ignoring the fact that Liam and Steffy are still married.

    Liam and Hope are engaged

    Under pressure from Hope to commit to her, Liam finally took off the wedding ring Steffy placed on his finger in their April 2013 wedding.  The same day, Liam, still technically a married man, proposed to Hope.  Hope accepted Liam’s proposal and since then has been wearing Liam’s engagement ring.

    But Liam is still married….to Steffy

    Hope’s focus has been on planning her and Liam’s wedding and even met with a wedding planner.  All she could tell the poor man was that she wanted her wedding to be outdoors.  Would it be at the Malibu cliff house?  Or perhaps her mother’s property?  Hope wasn’t sure.  One thing she was sure of however was that she and Liam wanted to marry as soon as possible.

    How about a tentative date then the wedding planner requested?  But Hope couldn’t answer that question either because there was still one pesky detail they had yet to sort out.

    Hope can’t marry Liam because he’s still married – to Steffy!

     And Steffy won’t annul her marriage

    Liam received an email from Steffy. She won’t annul their marriage. He and Hope have to wait 6 months – again. Wyatt sees this as an opportunity…

    Back at the cliff house, Liam and Wyatt discussed their father Bill Spencer and how he was likely seeing both their mother’s at the same time.  When Liam asks Wyatt if he has a girlfriend Wyatt said no.  he got the Spencer looks, but Liam was more like their father in the ladies man department.  Wyatt comments on Liam’s keeping both Steffy and Hope on the hook.

    Liam denies being a player and tells Wyatt that their father has also changed since the days their mother’s knew him.  Liam also tells Wyatt that he has never been like that.  He and Steffy are getting an annulment then he will marry Hope.

    Liam then received an email from Steffy saying that he knows how she feels about erasing their marriage.  Steffy won’t give Liam an annulment but will give him a no fault divorce, which in California entails a 6 month waiting period.

    Hope delivers an ultimatum

    Hope arrived not long after spewing news about her meeting with the wedding planner and how they really needed to give some details.  What about location?  Hope notes it will be a summer wedding and warm.  Liam is evasive and Wyatt simply scoffs that it won’t be that warm.

    Liam fills Hope in on Steffy’s email.  Steffy won’t give Liam an annulment and they have to wait 6 months for a divorce, Liam told Hope.

    Hope was furious. She couldn’t believe this was happening again and that Liam was letting Steffy do this to them again.  But Liam wanted to respect Steffy’s wishes.  But Hope wasn’t through.

    Take the annulment papers to Paris and make her sign them, Hope told Liam.  Either we get married soon or we don’t get married at all, Hope declared to a stunned Liam.

    Why are Hope and Liam surprised Steffy won’t annul her marriage?

    Steffy wouldn’t annul her and Liam’s marriage the first time round.  She didn’t want to erase their marriage and the time she and Liam had spent together as husband and wife. Hope and Liam had no choice but to wait out the 6 month waiting period until Liam and Steffy’s divorce became final.

    If Steffy wouldn’t annul her first marriage to Liam, what on earth made Hope and Liam even contemplate that she would annul her second marriage to Liam?  This marriage involved a baby and the tragic loss of that baby. Yes,  Steffy walked away from Liam and gave him to Hope, but that doesn’t mean that she wanted to pretend that she and Liam had never been married.

    Hope fears Steffy’s return

    Hope is right to fear the waiting period.  Last time Steffy did use those 6 months to subtly try to convince Liam that he belonged with her not Hope, but when midnight struck on the day their divorce became final, Liam kissed Steffy goodbye and went to start his life with Hope.

    Hope fears that Steffy may change her mind again and come between her and Liam again.

    But should it be Liam who’s worried?

    Wyatt has been quick to let Hope know he wouldn’t keep her waiting 6 months.

    This time, however, the real risk to Hope and Liam’s relationship isn’t Steffy (unless Jacqueline MacInnes Wood returns to the Bold and the Beautiful) but Hope’s budding relationship with Wyatt, Liam’s newly discovered half brother…

    So, it isn’t Hope who should be scared of a 6 month delay to their wedding, but Liam.  Wyatt has made it pretty clear what his intentions are towards his brother’s fiancé…


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